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What is recently discussed in the Cholesterol Questions and Answers Room:

Jan 04, 2014

Zocor neck pain concern!

QUESTION: Can you tell about the zocor neck pain relationship, mechanism why it happens and how one should deal with it? ANSWER: Hi there, Neck pain

Continue reading "Zocor neck pain concern!"

Jan 04, 2014

Diet and Carotid Atherosclerosis caused by Radiation

QUESTION: Can diet decrease carotid atherosclerosis caused by radiation? ANSWER: Hi there, There are several things, which you have to know about the

Continue reading "Diet and Carotid Atherosclerosis caused by Radiation"

Jan 04, 2014

Lower triglycerides naturally – how is this possible?

Learn why it is important to lower triglycerides naturally. Find out the most important steps of lowering triglycerides naturally.

Continue reading "Lower triglycerides naturally – how is this possible?"

Jan 02, 2014

Donating Blood Lowers Cholesterol Naturally?!

QUESTION: Can donating blood and diet lower cholesterol of donor? ANSWER: Hi there, This is quite an important question, because some people are still

Continue reading "Donating Blood Lowers Cholesterol Naturally?!"

Nov 13, 2013

Low fat gall bladder diet – How to plan for successful results?

Get to know how to plan a successful low fat gall bladder diet. Find out how to select the proper food for a diet that works? Read more...

Continue reading "Low fat gall bladder diet – How to plan for successful results?"

Apr 18, 2013

Can You Eat Shrimp while Having High Cholesterol?

Is shrimp high in cholesterol? Get the answers concerning the cholesterol content in the shrimps and if you can include in your low fat and low cholesterol diet.

Continue reading "Can You Eat Shrimp while Having High Cholesterol?"

Apr 01, 2013

Is Drinking Carrot Juice Good for Atherosclerosis?

QUESTION: Does drinking carrot juice affect the atherosclerosis reversal? ANSWER: Hi there, It is very good that you want to handle with the atherosclerosis

Continue reading "Is Drinking Carrot Juice Good for Atherosclerosis?"

Mar 01, 2013

Avocado cholesterol - Good Enough to Give It a Try?

How far good is avocado cholesterol? Is avocado rich in fats? How far can your heart benefit from it? Get to know here.

Continue reading "Avocado cholesterol - Good Enough to Give It a Try?"

Feb 06, 2013

The Normal HDL Level To Aim & Achieve

A normal HDL level is considered 50 or higher. It can keep your safe for any heart disease or other problems, that's why it is your AIM.

Continue reading "The Normal HDL Level To Aim & Achieve"

Jan 13, 2013

Effects Of Alcohol And Cholesterol Metabolism

How are the effects of alcohol and cholesterol metabolism related? Does alcohol affects cholesterol levels? What about alcohol and lowering cholesterol drugs interactions?

Continue reading "Effects Of Alcohol And Cholesterol Metabolism"

Dec 12, 2012

Cholesterol Drugs & Potassium Iodide Atherosclerosis

Do cholesterol drugs get rid of plaque already built up in arteries? Can use potassium iodide for reversal of atherosclerosis?

Continue reading "Cholesterol Drugs & Potassium Iodide Atherosclerosis"

Nov 26, 2012

High Cholesterol & Smoking & Arteries Plaque

What does high cholesterol do to arteries? Is smoking no.1 cause of cholesterol buildup in arteries?

Continue reading "High Cholesterol & Smoking & Arteries Plaque"

Nov 06, 2012

Banana, Cheese & Butter & Bad Cholesterol

QUESTION: Is banana having high in bad cholesterol? Are cheese and butter bad for your cholesterol? ANSWER: Hi there, It is very good that you are

Continue reading "Banana, Cheese & Butter & Bad Cholesterol"

Sep 27, 2012

Roni Spanish Rice & Beef Short Ribs Bad Cholesterol

Is a roni spanish rice bad for cholesterol? Are beef short ribs bad for cholesterol?

Continue reading "Roni Spanish Rice & Beef Short Ribs Bad Cholesterol"

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