Is Drinking Carrot Juice Good for Atherosclerosis?

QUESTION: Does drinking carrot juice affect the atherosclerosis reversal?

ANSWER: Hi there,

It is very good that you want to handle with the atherosclerosis in a natural way and for this I have to congratulate you.

The other thing is that you have found very good remedy for beating the atherosclerosis, because the carrot juice is large source of Vitamin A.

It is normal for you to wonder how vitamin A will help you to avoid the consequence of atherosclerosis and now I will give you the answer.

  • At first, you have to know that vitamin A is a very powerful antioxidant. That means that this vitamin neutralizes the free radicals, which are formed in the organism.

    These free radicals are not something good, because they have the ability to change the molecule of the LDL cholesterol and to make it sticker.

    When the LDL molecule is sticker, it can glue to the wall of the blood vessel and to make the atherosclerosis plaque bigger or to create new atherosclerosis plaque at different place. As big the atherosclerotic plaque is, as more unstable it becomes.

    So, because of this you have to drink carrot juice, but in moderate amount like 100-200 ml a day. In this way, the already formed atherosclerotic plaques in your body are not going to become unstable.

    You have to keep in mind that when the atherosclerotic plaque is unstable, a part of it can break off and this part can cause occlusion of certain artery, which is life-threatening condition.

  • Another thing I want to remind you that atherosclerosis is a hereditary condition. Because of this, if your father or mother has experienced the consequences of atherosclerosis, you might have it. Therefore, you can drink around 300 ml of this juice, but not to exceed more than that.

  • Besides this, it would be better for you to test your LDL cholesterol and if it is high, higher than 2.0-3.0mmol/l or 80-120mg/dl (depending on the unit of measurement), you should speak with your doctor about eventual drug treatment.

    Having your blood cholesterol under control is something very important, because conditions like stroke and heart attack are very dangerous.

    As you probably know, those condition are appearing as a consequence of atherosclerosis and that is the reason why you should prevent its development.

    Moreover, you can always start doing exercises and low-cholesterol diet as well. Those things are going to make your blood cholesterol control even better.

    Hope it helped!


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