Guideline on Cholesterol Lowering Supplements

In this simple modeled guideline, you will find the list of cholesterol lowering supplements - their benefits and possible side effects.  

Let's go straight to the point. If you are searching for the cholesterol supplements; then, you have 2 choices below. 

There are many marketers that claim to have the solution to your high cholesterol problems. Be careful! 

The very best thing you can do is to find out what these products contain inside and how beneficial their content is for your specific purpose of reducing cholesterol naturally. Furthermore, you have to be sure it is manufactured under restricted GMP guidelines.

There is no magic inside the cholesterol supplements. The truth is their ingredients make them succeed in lowering high blood cholesterol numbers.

Now, I want you to understand that the purpose of using these supplements is to reduce your total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and increase your HDL cholesterol. If the supplement you choose has these properties, then, that's the right one.

You will find the most known and used natural ingredients inside the supplements that improve your lipid metabolism:

Herbal extract to look for


It can lower your total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and increase your HDL levels.


The extract of Guggul is known in Asia for its total and LDL cholesterol-lowering properties, reducing triglycerides and raising HDL levels.


The fruit powder of cayenne has been linked to improving cholesterol metabolism and reducing cardio-vascular events.

Plant Sterols (Stanols)

Foods fortified in plant sterols have shown to be good substitutes of animal-derived sterols in reducing plasma cholesterol and triglycerides and in increasing HDL cholesterol.

Policosanol derived from sugar cane

The natural alcohols derived from sugar can has scientifically shown their effect in reducing blood cholesterol and triglycerides and in raising good cholesterol.


Studies have shown the efficacy of niacin in lowering bad and total cholesterol and triglycerides; while, they have shown its effectiveness in increasing HDL cholesterol.

There are many other herbs, vitamins and minerals that can naturally improve the lipid profile. I will try to give the full list very soon. 

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