All about low fat diet gall bladder

Does it really exists a low fat diet gall bladder link? If yes, what is it all about? What’s behind the low fat diet and its connection with gall bladder disorders?

First, let me tell you about Jane, one of my dearest friends. For several months she has been suffering from abdominal and back pain plus nausea and vomiting. She had a check-up and finally diagnosed with multiple stones in her gall bladder.

Her doctor advised to follow a low fat diet. Since that time, she was feeling pretty well. But she is greedy to learn more about this low fat diet gall bladder disorders link.

Recently, scientists have estimated that gall bladder diseases are the most commonly occurring diseases of the digestive system. In United States alone, nearly twenty million people are suffering from gallstones, either symptomatic or silent gallstones.

Unfortunately, gallstones can eventually lead to other dangerous health troubles, in fact, thousands of operations and hospitalizations happen as complications of gallstones.

low fat diet gall bladder

The gall bladder is described as a pear-shaped small sac found beneath the liver, which acts as a store for the bile. During the process of food digestion, gall bladder contracts to expel the bile to complete food digestion in the intestine.

The bile is a juice synthesized by the liver; it consists mainly from cholesterol, bilirubin, fats, proteins and bile salts.

The bile’s main function is to digest fats and dissolve extra cholesterol. According to experts, most gall bladder problems start when bile has high amounts of cholesterol, this extra cholesterol will form gallstones.

In conclusion, if you are accustomed of eating high fat diet, you are at a very high risk of developing stones in your gall bladder. Furthermore, if you are suffering from a gallbladder diseases or if you experienced removal of your gall bladder, you should follow low fat diet for healthy living.

The low fat diet gall bladder link remains within the limits of overcoming gall bladder disease symptoms due to fat mal-absorption (like bloating and diarrhea).

This diet successfully decreases stimulation of your gall bladder, and gives it more time to relax. Low fat diet gall bladder can stop painful colic in your abdomen or back, as it minimizes the severe spasms of the biliary duct.

Despite that gallstones occur when excess amounts of calcium and bilirubin causes too much cholesterol to form hard crystals, the low fat diet will not cause gallstones to diminish, but it can cause existing small stones to be expelled throughout your gut, plus it can prevent previously formed gallstones from growing bigger.

The keystone of low fat diet for gallbladder disorders is to decrease your daily dietary intake of fats to reduce the amounts of cholesterol in your gall bladder; this will finally prevent gall bladder problems.

When following a low fat diet, it is recommended to eat more starches, such as rice, bread and cereals. Try to eat more dark green vegetables, and fresh fruits to have enough fibers. Also avoiding refined carbohydrates and fat rich red meat can help too.

By the way, if you are wondering about Jane (my friend), she is feeling much better after sticking to low fat diet gall bladder link and experiencing herself the benefits of a low fat diet.

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