How to plan a successful low fat gall bladder diet?

Are you wondering if low fat gall bladder diet can solve your gall bladder problems? Are you still suffering from a gall bladder disease? Or have you recently experienced surgical removal of your gall bladder? Are you wondering what to eat from now on?

Follow the paragraphs below to get the solutions to your gall bladder problems.

Clinically, it is proved that the increased amounts of your daily fat intake (especially from saturated fats, trans-fatty acids and cholesterol); put you in a very high risk of developing gall bladder problems, including gall bladder inflammation (cholecystitis) and gallstones.

Low fat gall bladder diet really aims to adjust your daily consumption of fat to meet Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA); which equals 25-50 grams substituted on three to five servings daily.

But, how can you select the proper foods for low fat gall bladder diet?

Actually, there are some very important guidelines you should keep in mind when selecting food for a successful low fat diet for gall bladder problems. These guidelines differ from one food category to another, including:

  • Beverages

    It is recommended to drink skimmed milk, nondairy beverages, and soda, try to avoid alcohol, coffee, and tea because though they are fat free drinks, they are gall bladder irritants.

  • Cereals and bread

    Always try to eat whole grain bread, Melba toast, soda crackers, cold cereals, cooked cereals, whole grain cereal but granola, and popcorn without butter.

  • Substitute all types of Sweets and desserts with fruit ice, gelatin, vanilla wafers, fat-free commercial baked bakery, fat free ice cream, skimmed frozen yogurt, and cocoa powder. Be aware that sugars usually irritate your gall bladder.

  • According to fruits and vegetables, you can eat all types of fresh, frozen, canned or dried fruits and vegetables. Fresh juices are also recommended. Avoid cooking vegetables with fats, oils, fat rich sauces.

  • If you love to eat potato or its substitutes, it is fine to eat potatoes, sweet potato, rice, noodles, spaghetti, macaroni, and different types of pastas.

  • You can always start your meal with some delicious soups, but just try to eat fat free vegetable soup, or cream soup made with fat free milk.

  • Meat and meat substitutes are very essential dishes in our menu, unfortunately, if not selected carefully, they can cause your gall bladder diet plan to fail.

    You must choose meat trimmed from fat. In poultry, skinless breast meat is the best choice. All cuts in veal and lean cuts in beef and lamb are allowed in low fat diet for gall bladder problems. According to fish, you can eat all types of fresh, frozen, canned lobster, shrimp, clams, oysters, tuna (especially smoked), sardines, and salmon.

  • Generally, try always to avoid spicy foods.

  • A lot of herbs can be used in combination with low fat gall bladder diet, to relax your gall bladder, reduce sever spasms, treat gall bladder inflammation and lower your overall symptoms, including:


    This is a well-known herb with its aromatic and bitter qualities; it is widely used to in cases of gallstones problems because it is a bile-stimulant plus it can lower cholesterol as well.

    It is usually used in the form of tincture.


    Dandelion roots are proved to have potent anti-inflammatory and bile-moving effects, they can treat gallstones and in gall bladder inflammation.

    You may find them in the market in the form of tea, capsules, tincture and tablets.

    Peppermint leaf and oil

    These are anti-spasmodic which can relax your gall bladder. They are used in the form of tea.

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