The strategies to choose high cholesterol foods

What are the high cholesterol foods? Should I avoid them completely? If yes, which of them to avoid? If no, what strategy do I need to follow to keep my numbers low?

I may understand that you have lots of questions coming into your mind. I also may understand your worries toward high cholesterol, especially if you are recently diagnosed.

Life is beautiful. Everybody loves to live more. And for the sake of long-and-decent life, we are ready to do lots of sacrifices. Getting the right knowledge on which of high cholesterol foods to choose is one part of the “sacrifices”.

Basically, if you start eating earlier, it would be easier to keep safe from not only high cholesterol, but all other diseases (diabetes, heart disease, etc). What is more getting to know the right foods and organize your meal plans with them is one part or managing high cholesterol and related conditions.

Recently, the “research-studies” have put emphasizes on fruits and vegetables as the best choice for high cholesterol. They do not increase your cholesterol, but at the same time can help in lowering it.

What is more, fruits and vegetables have plenty water. Water is one of the “foods” recommended to use in abundance. In this way, your body will keep fresh, “waste” discarded is encouraged and you will not have any serious problems.

If you look at the list of high cholesterol foods , that will give you the amount of cholesterol each of them contain. There are “stay-away-from” foods, which are encouraged less to be eaten.

This is what you can do. Just create your own idea on how much cholesterol foods you’re taking have, and organize your meals toward those which cannot raise your cholesterol further.

If you have any doubts, or you love to eat something, just give a look at the list provided by USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 17. Thus, you will not have any “sudden” episode of high cholesterol or any possible heart event.

Also I want to remind you that your body needs all types of foods: from fats to proteins and vitamins and minerals. Choosing healthy fats (like poly and mono- unsaturated ones) instead of saturated and trans-fats, this is a good start for you.

Just look at the label behind when you shop to see the nutrient facts. If you don’t know how to read the labels, just go on and start learning. It is not difficult. Just think: if others can read the labels, why can’t I?

Or, if you choose your meat, try to avoid read meat, with high calories. Why don’t use fish or shellfish instead? You will have the nutrients you need and plenty of omega-3 fatty acids which are shown to reduce blood cholesterol.

If you cannot resist to a red meat, choose the lean one and try to grill, boil or bake it instead of frying to avoid taking extra cholesterol and calories. You may also choose poultry, lean, and the breast part as the best choice for not to raise blood cholesterol.

Fruits and vegetables do contain the vitamins and minerals your body mostly need. And here we have more benefits from them.

I may understand you may find it difficult to fully understand the high cholesterol foods strategies. But you must have the right knowledge to make a change to your life and health. If you have not taken healthy foods till now, don’t you think it’s the right moment to start the change now?

Good luck! Stay firm. Keep healthy.

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