How Much Eating Shrimp Can Affect Your Cholesterol?

Is shrimp high in cholesterol? Can I eat shrimp? How far can I include shrimp in my low fat and low cholesterol diet? Get answers in the following paragraphs.

You are right to be concerned. The foods you eat might affect not only your cholesterol levels, but your over-all well-being too. High saturate fat foods, especially, might increase LDL cholesterol, which predicts a near-by heart event.

Coming up to shrimps; it is true that they contain high levels of cholesterol. But the truth is they do not contain saturated fat. So, if we do compare 1 serving of beet which has 10-20 grams of saturated fats with 1 serving of shrimps which has only 1 gram; it is easy to realize the difference.

Meanwhile, the type of cholesterol content in shrimps is absorbed hardly from your body compared to other high cholesterol foods. Till now. no specific reason has been discovered yet.

To be more specific, the cholesterol quantity contained in 3 oz of raw shrimp is around 130 mg.

Benefits of eating shrimps for high cholesterol

As mentioned above, shrimp is low in fats although the high cholesterol amount it contains.

What is more, shrimp are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which are very beneficial to increase your HDL cholesterol levels. As you may see, if you eat shrimp, at the same time you may lower your blood cholesterol levels, and increase HDL levels too.

The ways you cook shrimp is important too. According to one study carried out from researches in Rockefeller University (New York, USA), although steamed shrimp increased blood cholesterol levels comparing to a low cholesterol diet; however shrimps increased the HDL cholesterol levels more than increasing LDL levels.

What is more, the HDL to LDL ratio was resulted favorable. Meanwhile, triglyceride levels were lower compared to the egg-based diet, which has the same content of cholesterol.

In addition, if you do follow any healthy diet, you can prepare dishes with shrimp cooked as broiled or boiled. At the same time, avoid or limit deep frying cooking method, reduce the amount of tartar sauce, butter, mayonnaise, and oil when cooking.

This is the best way to keep healthy and safe from any high cholesterol problems according to Thai Frozen Foods Association.

Benefits of eating shrimps on overall well-being

Shrimp are a good source of vitamin D, selenium, vitamin B12, tryptophan apart of omega-3 fatty acids. All these nutrients, combined together have shown to be protective against any cardiovascular disease, cancer, age related problems and Alzheimer.

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