HDL LDL Levels And Charts

Information about hdl ldl levels, what affects them and cholesterol charts.

If you perform a lipoprotein test, the results will be given in milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl). And of course you’ll get to know what your hdl-ldl-levels are.

You must understand that you look for lipoproteins levels in your bloodstream, because they help in transporting cholesterol through bloodstream.

Cholesterol is not soluble in water (fat) that’s why it needs “help” to be transported in blood. The lipoproteins (ldl and hdl) offer to transport it.

About hdl ldl levels – what affects them?

There exist various things that can affect hdl ldl levels. There are things that you can manage to do something about:


If you are overweight, you can carry out a major risk factor for heart disease. At the same time, it tends to raise your cholesterol.

Weight losing may help you to decrease your total and ldl cholesterol levels and triglycerides levels as well as increasing your hdl levels.

Physical activity

Doing a sedentary (non active) life is a risk factor for heart disease. Systematic physical activity can help raise hdl (good) levels and decrease ldl (bad) levels.

It can also help you losing weight and double diminishing risks for heart disease. Simple exercises such as walking for at least 30 minutes every day can really work.

Diet strategy

Eating foods high in saturated fat and carbohydrates make your ldl and triglyceride levels go up. If you cut the amount intake in your diet can help reducing your blood cholesterol levels.

On the other hand, there exist some other things that you cannot do anything about. They are:

Genetic factor

As for everything else, your genes determine the quantity of cholesterol your body may make. If you have any relative (close family member) suffering any cholesterol problems, most probably you’ll have that risk.

If you have high ldl levels and other cholesterol problems, you may check out if your children will develop them in the future.

Age and sex

With the passing of time, when women and men get older, their cholesterol tends to rise up. Women are more protected than men before the age of menopause because their cholesterol levels are usually lower. But after the menopause, their ldl levels tends to increase and the risk for heart disease is higher.

About hdl ldl levels and how to lower them?

If you can manage to choose the right foods to eat, and keep exercised every day, and trying to loose weight, of course you’ll have lower ldl and cholesterol levels and higher hdl levels. This is one natural way and great way of having normal or near normal hdl ldl levels.

There is another way to have the figures desired. And this is by using cholesterol lowering drugs. But this way carries the devastating side effects of medication. If natural ways do not work, your doctor will be constrained to go for the drugs.

Using an effective supplement, that have been proven to lower cholesterol the same way drugs do, but without their side effects, is another natural way to lower ldl and cholesterol levels.

What the supplements do contain is the extract of various herbs which may lower ldl levels and raise hdl cholesterol.

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