How to calculate LDL levels?

It is easy to do calculation of LDL levels. First, you need to perform a test called “lipid profile” or “cholesterol count”. You should not eat for at least 12 hours before performing this test. This is because food intake could influence the results.

 calculate ldl chart

When performing lipid profiles test, you’ll have all your body fats counted and expressed in mg/dl. So, you’ll have the results of

- your total cholesterol level,

- triglycerides and

- hdl cholesterol levels.

Usually, the laboratories do give the LDL levels calculated. However, when you do not get it, then,you might calculate it by yourself. It's very simple and easy to do.

If you have your total cholesterol count, together with triglycerides and hdl levels, you need to undergo a little equation for calculating ldl levels.

Ldl levels = Total cholesterol - (Triglycerides levels / 5 + hdl levels)

As you may see, the above equation is very easy to use.

The next step is to compare your ldl results with the ldl chart given above. Thus, you will be understanding your own risk for heart disease.

At the end, after learning what are your ldl levels and heart disease risk, you should take your precautions steps. It’s very important to move forward and to succeed in optimizing your lipid profile.

In case your results are high, then, it is crucial to get LDL reduced. I usually advise my  patients to first:

- do lifestyle

- diet

changes, also called Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) before going for drugs. I usually advise to:

- start exercising every day walking particularly and twice a week aerobic exercising

- keep away from alcohol, smoking or other illicit drugs

- avoid fatty., sugary, high calories foods

- drink more water (up to 3-4 liters/day)

- avoid carbonated, soft, energetic drinks

- start using mixture of herbal supplements that can help optimize blood lipid profile together with keeping you healthy.

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