What is ldl cholesterol?

What is ldl cholesterol? How to calculate ldl? What does elevated ldl cause? How to achieve low ldl levels?

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What is ldl cholesterol?

You may probably know that cholesterol is a kind of fat. When it is in bloodstream, cannot be dissolved in blood. So, some other molecules (called lipoproteins) that carry cholesterol and help in its transportation through bloodstream.

In simple words, ldl cholesterol carry cholesterol to and from your body cells. Together with hdl cholesterol and triglycerides make up your entire cholesterol amount.

How to calculate ldl?

You need to perform cholesterol test or lipid profiles before calculate ldl . This is a simple test that measures the amounts of triglycerides in your bloodstream.

You must understand that triglycerides are another type of fat in your body. Basically, they come from the food you eat.

Once you know what your triglycerides levels are, it’s easy to calculate your ldl levels. Remember to keep your figures less than 100 mg/dl as much as you can.

What does elevated ldl cause to your body?

The high ldl cholesterol can slowly attached in the inner walls of the arteries. It undergoes the oxidation process and with other substances forms the plaque. This causes arteries to clog. And the final is heart stroke or attack.

How to achieve low ldl levels?

It is not complicated to achieve low ldl levels. It depends on how effort do you put. If you have already high ldl levels, there are two ways to lower them.

The first way is through natural lifestyle changes natural lifestyle changes . Some simple and very important changes can help you reduce ldl. The other way is by using the lowering cholesterol drugs. However you'll have to face their side effects.

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