LDL Lowering Foods

Foods that lower LDL – your morning menu

You may start your day with any cereals (oat cereal, flaxseed or psyllium cereals, or whole grain cereals).

They may give you the energy you need during your busy day together with vitamins (vitamin E, folic acid and vitamin B6).

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Ldl lowering foods – snack options

  • The best choice you can make is to choose fruits rather than anything else. Your alternatives could be: strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, grapes and currants (together with their seeds can provide a good source of vitamin C, ellagic acid and carotenoids).

Other fruit options you may choose citrus fruits which provide your body the vitamin C, folic acid and soluble fibers it needs. Apples are another good alternative of vitamin C and soluble fibers)

If you need any other choice rather than fruits as snack alternative you may choose nuts (pecans, walnuts, almonds, etc).

Be careful to take nuts in small quantities because they’re rich in calories although good to lower your ldl cholesterol.

Ldl lowering foods – your lunch menu

If you like soups, you may prepare delicious and hearty ones with peas and lentils, and dried beans. Or you may prepare other dishes with legumes also.

But if you cannot resist salads, you may prepare them with all types of veggies, even stewed. As salad dressings you may use olives (mono-unsaturated fats), olive oil or canola oil.

In case soybean is your favorite, you may experiment with soybean dishes (high in unsaturated fats, B vitamins, genistein, fiber and stanol esters). Since it is wide-used, you may find lots of soy products on your supermarket shelves. If you want to prepare your own soy dishes, you may find the recipe anywhere in newspapers, magazines and books.

Other lunch-time choice you have meat and fish. If you cannot resist meat, be sure it is lean or better if it is chicken (it will provide you the vitamin B6 and B 12 you need).

As fish alternative you may choose tuna, trout, swordfish and salmon (high in omega 3 fatty acids).

In case you want to accompany your food with bread, make sure it is whole wheat bread (high in stanol esters).

Ldl lowering foods – dinner options

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