Diet and Carotid Atherosclerosis caused by Radiation

QUESTION: Can diet decrease carotid atherosclerosis caused by radiation?

ANSWER: Hi there,

There are several things, which you have to know about the atherosclerosis.

The first thing is that in few cases, the radiation causes aggravation of the atherosclerosis.

Please bear in mind that every single man has it no matter what.

Generally, the development of the atherosclerosis starts from the abdominal part of the aorta, during the first 10 years of our life.

Then, due to environmental factors, such as radiation, the atherosclerosis spreads through cardio-vascular system.

So, the atherosclerosis is not caused by the radiation, but the radiation leads to faster growth of the atherosclerosis plaque.

In addition, I have to warn you about the radiation exposure, because it can lead to damages of the bone marrow and thyroid gland.

This is particularly true if the neck was exposed at radiation. In purpose to be sure that you are not having problems with the thyroid gland, you should make a consultation with a doctor (called endocrinologist) about it.

It is true that the diet is the most important thing, which leads to stabilization of the atherosclerotic plaque, no matter what is causing its aggravation.

So, in purpose to reduce the risk of thrombosis and myocardial infraction or stroke respectively, you should start following the right diet and doing exercises at the same time.

Your diet has to be composed of low-fat and low carbs meals.

So, you have to avoid eating pork, fried meals, like chips, fast foods and others.

It would be better for you to concentrate on vegetables, fish and fruits.

The fish is generally, the most important food to consume, because it contains omega-3-fat acids, which are helping to stabilize the atherosclerotic plaque.

In addition, these fatty acids are improving the cholesterol metabolism, which means that they stop the spreading of the atherosclerosis.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the diet alone is not able to decrease the atherosclerosis and nothing else can do this.

The diet and the medications are making the plaques stable, which is the most important thing for not causing further damages.

Hope it helped!


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