Banana, Cheese & Butter & Bad Cholesterol

QUESTION: Is banana having high in bad cholesterol? Are cheese and butter bad for your cholesterol?

ANSWER: Hi there,

It is very good that you are trying to create the perfect healthy diet for you. It is true that some of the products on the market do not really show their real concentration of cholesterol, sugar, proteins and other nutrients.

Please pay attention that the banana is a fruit, which means that no matter the cholesterol load, it will no harm your lipid status.

Important fact is that all the fruits and vegetables do not contain cholesterol, therefore they do not harm your organism and their consumption will not lead to atherosclerosis development.

Regarding the cholesterol banana load, you have to know that it does not contain cholesterol at all. This means that you are able to eat as much banana as you want.

However, keep in mind that banana contains lots of sugars, which means that you are not supposed to abuse with the banana consumption if you have diabetes.

  • Other thing, which has to be mentioned, is that banana is rich in vitamins. As you probably know, vitamins are acting as antioxidants, which means that they can neutralize the free radicals in the organism.

    These free radicals are formed during the metabolic processes in the organism naturally, but they are leading to atherosclerosis development.

    Therefore, the consumption of banana, will help you to reduce their bad activity.

    With regards to cheese and butter, in general, they are considered as bad foods for the people who are having problems with the lipid metabolism.

    In addition, the healthy people should avoid their excessive consumption in purpose to reduce the risk of elevated blood cholesterol problems.

    As cheese is high in cholesterol content, it should be eaten in moderation or sometimes, when necessary, to be avoided totally.

    For your information, around 100 g of cheese contain 30 mg of cholesterol, while the recommended daily amount of cholesterol is 300g.

    Therefore, when you eat 100 g of cheese, you are consuming the 10% of the amount of cholesterol which you have to eat during the day.

    However, people with normal metabolism are able to handle the elevated consumption of cholesterol, but those with cholesterol problems have to avoid its consumption.

    With regards to the butter, it contains a lot of primary fatty acids. Although these fatty acids are taking an important role in the lipid metabolism, however, the bad thing is that they are metabolized in the organism with difficulties.

    Besides, these fat acids are causing severe elevation of the cholesterol and triglyceride concentration, during their metabolism.

    Because of this, there are other alternatives to butter, for example margarine. The taste is a little bit different, but the margarine is not containing saturated fat acids or other lipids, which may affect the cholesterol metabolism in a bad way.

    Actually, to my personal opinion, butter is a natural product (except for those who are manipulated).

    Therefore, everything that comes natural, won't harm our organism. In other words, our body can metabolize them very easily.

    The problem stays in the manipulated products (like cheese or butter) which are presumably being sold as natural, but they are all "manipulated".

    Their consumption can really harm our body. With regards to margarine, it is a synthetic (not-natural product). Although they are promoted as fatty-free; we should look at the label and how this product is being produced.

    Please keep in mind that the last 4 paragraphs are my own opinion, and has nothing to do with the scientific one.

    Hope it helped!


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