Is a roni spanish rice bad for cholesterol?

QUESTION: I love to eat roni Spanish rice; is it bad for cholesterol? I have a family history of high cholesterol problems.


Interesting about this type of rise is that it does not contain cholesterol at all. That is pretty good because by eating this type of rice, you can maintain the normal amount of cholesterol in your organism.

Although Roni Spanish rice does not have cholesterol, it has a lot of calories, about 185, meaning that this food provides you a lot of energy.

According to the label, if the rice is cooked, cholesterol does not increase, meanwhile, there is an elevation in the non-saturated fatty acids. This elevation is pretty good, because this is protection you organism form developing atherosclerosis.

As you may know those who are living in Asia are suffering less from atherosclerosis and other cardio-vascular diseases. One of the possible theories is the great consumption of rice.

On the other hand, they do prepare the rice in a special way described on the packing of the rice.
According to the information of the producer this rice is becoming one of the most appropriate foods for those who are trying to loose weight or to maintain a healthy diet.

This food can reduce the risk for the development of cardiovascular diseases and can protect your organism from the bad effects of cholesterol and triglycerides provided by other foods.

Buon appetite!


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Are beef short ribs bad for cholesterol?

QUESTION: Are beef short ribs bad for cholesterol?

ANSWER: Hi there,

When you are making a diet and when you are worried about your cholesterol, you have to know mainly one thing - you have to eat not more than 300 mg of cholesterol per day.

Because of this, you have to calculate the amount of cholesterol in every meal, which you want to eat.

I agree that this is hard procedure, but it is for your health. However, you have to know that slight variations are allowed.

I mean that when the sum of the cholesterol amount is 300 mg per day you can eat it. This is not going to cause severe problems to your metabolism.

With regards to the beef short ribs, 85 g of them content around 26 mg of cholesterol. This is little bit high cholesterol amount. However, you are allowed to eat this meal, but in a combination of low cholesterol meals.

Important thing is that the doctors are recommending their patients to avoid eating beef, if they have serious cholesterol problems.

However, if you don’t have severe cholesterol problems you can eat beef short ribs one or two times a week, but not more than 300 g.

My advice for you is to start doing exercises, especially when you have eaten beef short ribs the day before. When you are doing exercises you are using energy, which is provided mainly from the glucose and from the fats.

So when you are eating a lot of cholesterol you can burn it in the next day. In this way, eating beef short ribs is not going to change your lipid status and you will not be afraid of eventual cardio-vascular diseases.

Hope it helped!


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