Can Take Zocor and Amiodarone and Warfarin at the Same Time?

QUESTION: Can one take zocor and amiodarone and warfarin at the same time? If not, why? Is there any interaction between them?


It is a common practice for the cardiologists to prescribe a triple combination of Zocor, Amiodarone and Warfarin.

This combination is mostly prescribed to those at higher risk for development of cardio-vascular diseases as it is useful in preventing the development of thrombosis.

The combination of these three drugs is used especially after cardio-vascular operations or other interventions that last more than 5 hours.

To understand the general effect of this combination, you need to understand the effect of every drug.

  • Zocor is the brand name for Simvastatin of the statin drugs group. This drug inhibits the key enzyme, which is taking a part in the synthesis of endogen cholesterol (called called HMG-CoA = Hydroxy Methyl Glutaryl- Coenzyme A).

    As a key enzyme, it cannot be replaced by any other molecule during the process of cholesterol synthesis. As a result, Zocor reduces the cholesterol level in your blood, preventing development of atherosclerosis.

    In this way, the risk of developing cardio-vascular diseases like myocardial infarction is reduced.

  • The other drug used in this combination is Amiodarone, an anti-arrhythmic drug. That means that Amiodarone is stimulating the myocardial contraction and synchronize the contractions of the heart’s atriums and ventricles.

    As you probably know, the blood flow in the vessels is laminar. In other words, the blood cells are situated in the center of the flow and the plasma is in the periphery.

    Arrhythmia is causing dislocation of the blood cells, and most probably they shift to the periphery.

    When the blood cells are in the periphery, they are touching the wall of the heart leading to thrombus.

  • Warfarin is an anticoagulant, i.e. it stops the coagulation of the blood by inhibiting the synthesis of certain coagulation factors which are stimulating the clotting of the thrombocytes.

    If you use warfarin, you are protecting the organism from developing thrombosis.

    As you see, each of these drugs has a different effect on the blood and heart, reducing the risks for developing cardio-vascular diseases.

    All the best!


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    Can i use erectzan with zocor?

    QUESTION: I want to start using erectzan, but want to know if I can use erectzan with zocor, as I take it to lower my cholesterol levels?

    ANSWER: Hi,

    For your information, Erectzan is a male product made from natural ingredients (herbs). So far, there is no scientific data available on the interactions and adverse effects of this product with other drugs or products.

    Therefore drug interaction between zocor
    (simvastatin) and erectzan cannot be explained on scientific grounds. Furthermore, according to the manufacturers instructions, erectzan does not contain any ingredient listed in the warning list of FDA.

    If any fastidious problems you will face, would be most probably from the interaction of erectzan components, including ginseng, DHEA and Zinc.

    What I can suggest is to be alert. As you know your body best, if you feel that you are not comfortable while taking these two products or notice anything abnormal, stop using them and consult your physician. Of course, you will need to consult your doctor before taking both of them.


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