Hdl & Ldl Ratios vs overall cholesterol

by Laurie
(Marin County, CA)

QUESTION: I have an 87 in HDL and 164 in LDL. Though this totals quite high (and happens to be hereditary), the ratio appears to be really good (.53).

Other than medication, there is virtually nothing else I could do to change my lifestyle (I've done a lot of research; am not overweight, do not smoke, exercise daily, eat lots of the right foods to lower cholesterol, etc.).

Does it appear I must take medication because of the total #'s?

ANSWER: Hi Laurie,

To me, your figures seem really great. Your HDL of 87 is pretty good as it must be higher than 50; while your LDL level seem slightly high from the ideal of 150. Nowadays, the emphasis is put on HDL, LDL levels and their ratios and little (or no more) at the total cholesterol.

Your total cholesterol may seem high because of high HDL levels , which is good because protects you from heart disease. Furthermore, you should look at your TG (triglycerides levels) as they count on total cholesterol.

For your info, :

Total cholesterol = HDL + LDL + TG/5

Although you might have family history, all the good things you are doing, and the healthy life you are conducting can assure that you will not have any problem with high cholesterol.

Keep on and enjoy your healthy life! Well done!


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HDl/LDL>TC ratio

QUESTION: My total cholesterol is 297, LDL 178 and HDL 106

I don't want to take drugs, should I be worried?
I have tried red rice yeast, beta sistosterol and various other natural alternatives which have made no difference

what are the qualifications of the person answering this email?

ANSWER: Hi there,

I want to start answering from your last question. For your information, there is a board of collaborators contributing and managing this website.

The top collaborator (the chief medical editor) is me, Dr.Alba, a GP and Master of Medical Science. All the information provided are only for general purposes only as we do not know your entire medical history.

We are giving our medical opinions based on the data your provided to us. Therefore, you should consult your doctor for further assistance.

  • Now, coming to your concern. To my opinion, your total cholesterol seems to be high; but, if we see the other portions like HDL and LDL cholesterol, they are also high, reflecting in a high total cholesterol.

    If we discuss them separately, we can see that your HDL is really good (normal>50) and LDL is high (the normal levels we take till 130).

    However, to come to conclusion, I should know your personal and family history of hypercholesterolemia or hyperlipidemia.

    Next, I should know your lifestyle habits (are you smoking? drinking alcohol? having a sedentary life ? eating lots of high calorie and oily foods?, are you taking any other drug or suffering from any other disease or condition?, etc?

    As I do not have all these data, I can only say that you need to make the right changes in your lifestyle and diet, and not only on herbal alternatives. And I do not see any reason to start taking cholesterol lowering drugs if you really follow these instructions correctly.

    If you follow all of them, you can succeed. However, do not expect the results within 1 day or 1 month. You can enjoy the true results after 2 months. Therefore, you should never give up.

    All the best!


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    hdl ldl cholesterol ratio 5.3

    by deb
    (SB ca)

    QUESTION: Is this correct

    total 179
    trigly 339
    HDL 34
    LDL 77
    ratio 5.3

    ANSWER: Hello Derb,

    Your figures refer that your total cholesterol is moderately high and triglycerides are very high.

    Your HDL Cholesterol ratio is little bit higher.
    Keep in mind that there are various ways of measuring the HDL cholesterol ratio.

    In your case the ratio is measured this way:
    HDL / Total cholesterol = 34 / 179 = 5.3

    In this case the aim is to keep the ratio below 5.0, and the optimum according to American Heart Association is 3.5

    Another HDL LDL cholesterol ratio is calculated in this way:

    HDL / LDL = 34 / 77 = 0.4

    In this case, the goal is to keep the ratio higher than 0.4 and you're ok.

    However, go on keeping your ratio as normal as you're doing now.

    Hope I helped. Please do not hesitate to send us other inquiries you might have.


    Understanding LDL and HDL ratio
    by: Mary

    : I just received my CBC panel. I am a 44 yr. old female. 5'5 and 115 lbs. I walk 2.5 miles a day and just started runing 2 days a week,

    It shows I am anemic 11.4

    My LDL is 77 and my HDL is 51
    My overall cholesteral is 140

    My Vitamin B level is 170

    I'm confused as to what all this means. I was instructed to follow up with my primary care physican.

    Could the low B level be causing the other numbers to change? Is this B12 that is low?

    Thank you

    ANSWER: Hi Mary,

    There are many explanations to your concerns. Please find the details by clicking here.

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