High HDL and LDL

QUESTION: I am a 30 yr old female 5 5" tall and weighing 115 pounds. My TC IS 307, LDL - 208 , HDL - 85. If you look at my numbers my ratio (0.41) seems to be excellent.

I have started to cut down on fats, but do you think these numbers are high enough to get me on medications?

ANSWER: Hi there,

If I look at your numbers, I could tell that your TC and LDL are really high, and this is something you should be worried about, especially for your high LDL cholesterol.

  • With regards to your ratio, it seems to be perfectly normal, because you also have high HDL levels (which is really good to have). But this high HDL will "hidden" (neutralize) your high LDL (which are the worrisome factor).

  • Alternatively, you can use the "pure" ratio: LDL/HDL = 208/85 = 2.44 (the normal less than 2.5; means yours is normal).

  • Or, TC/HDL = 307/85 = 3.61 (slightly increased as the normal should be lower than 2).

  • You have increased TC because of high LDL and high HDL levels, which can, proportionally, contribute in high total cholesterol levels.

  • It is good that you have started to change your dietary strategies; keep in mind to cut down the sugary foods, processed ones, and always use fresh foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc).

  • Foods cannot do the work alone if you do not put your body into movement, so the body cells will utilize the energy they get from food, will be well-oxygenation and their metabolism will be enhanced too.

  • The most important thing is to not follow these changes only "part-time", but, you must be consistent. If so, you will keep freshly and healthy all life long.

    All the best!


    by: Ana

    Thank you very much for your opinion Dr Alba. I do not have any heart condition or Diabetes. I will try my best to follow a strict diet and exercise pattern for 3 months and repeat the tests.

    If you don't mind me asking, What numbers should I be aiming at? Is it possible to get my LDL from 207 to normal range in 3 months?

    Are drugs the only one choice to lower LDL?
    by: Dr.Alba

    Based on your results only (as I do not have other details from your medical record), if I were your doctor could suggest the natural lifestyle and dietary changes.

    After 3 months you start your changes, you should repeat the lipid profile test again, and, will decide if to go for drugs or not.

    For the time being, please focus on your changes you started to have and you will get remarkable results after 3 months.

    Keep in mind that natural changes will take time to set, however, once they are set, you can feel the "lightness" and how healthy your life goes.

    You ask what the factors to determine you might be a 'drug-candidate" are. It all depend on how well you are doing with the above-mentioned natural changes, and if you are having other problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, or other conditions (that's why it is important to have your medical records).

    If you are doing well, and no problem is seen, then, there is no need for cholesterol lowering drugs. Keep up the good "natural" work!

    by: Ana

    Thanks for the response Dr Alba. I understand that in spite of the ratios being normal I should be concerned about my high levels of LDL. But my question is, can it get me on medications? What factors in this case will determine if I am a candidate for medications?

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