17.5 BMI Female + lipid profile

QUESTION: I just received the results of an annual health screen which showed that my Total Cholesterol=202; HDL=88.

I seldom snack (no transfats) except for occasional nuts or fruit. Moderate exercise 3x/week. Diet primarily chicken, fish, red meat 2x/wk, 1 glass wine/day.

Should I worry about my cholesterol? My BP avg is 90/60.


As I see from your results, they are perfectly normal to me. However, I do not have the results for LDL and triglycerides (or just one of them, and then, I
calculate the other missing).

Overall, your results are normal, especially your
HDL level that is excellent to me (should be higher than 50). The high HDL cholesterol would be the reason that your
total cholesterol is slightly high (but not worrisome).

The only concern to me is your BMI of 17.5, which is considered underweight. If I were your doctor, I would suggest to raise it up, at least until 18.5 (which is within the normal range).

At a very first glance, I could say that you are very worried to have a slim and healthy body, and sometimes, you do skip your meals (correct me if I am wrong, but this is my opinion, I apologize for any inaccuracy).

It is good that you care of your body and health, but please, do not be prone of anorexia. That is the worst enemy, especially for women.

Keep on your good, healthy job!
All the best!


My Profile
by: Sarmad

My numbers are as follows:

Total = 246
LDL = 152
HDL = 81

Height = 1.8 m.
Weight = 78kg.

Do I need to take cholesterol lowering drugs?

I don't exercise.

Thanks for your help,
Sarmad Shaykh


There are many other factors that should be considered before giving an exact answer. Please follow them accurately by following this page.

Thank you!





I am 37 years male; diabetic for 3 years.

My hdl is 30; ldl is 138; tgl is 108; totaL 186


To me, your lipid profile looks perfect although you are a diabetic. However, this could be partially because of your young age.

Therefore, you should be consistent in your battle against diabetes and to prevent changes in your lipid profile.

Hope it helped!


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What are the good cholesterol levels for teens?

QUESTION: What are the good cholesterol levels for teens? Is there any difference from the levels of what adults have?


For your information, teens and young kids usually, do not having problems with cholesterol; that is why cholesterol levels are not routinely tested in them.

On the other hand, the metabolism of teenagers is better than the metabolism of the people at the age of 40 or 50. This explains why they are capable to handle with an elevation of cholesterol level and reduce the amount of cholesterol in normal range without causing any problem at all.

However, the values of LDL, HDL and the ratio between these two values are just the same as those in old people.

So, the LDL cholesterol should be less the 130 mg/dl and HDL cholesterol should be higher than 30mg/dl.

It is good for the HDL to be as higher as possible. That means that your organism has greater ability to handle with elevated consumption of cholesterol and triglycerides.

If the good cholesterol level is higher than 30mg/dl, that is considered great for every person, no matter if he/she is a kid or an adult.

As I told you before, by keeping the HDL level that higher, the organism is able to prevent the development of atherosclerosis.

Even in cases when somebody consumes food rich in cholesterol and fat acids daily, that will not increase the risk of development of atherosclerosis and related cardio-vascular diseases.

With regards to total amount of cholesterol, it should be within the 135 and 200 mg/dl.

All the best!


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