Doubts about the cholestrol levels


My name is Padmanbhan, age 39 years. I have taken my cholesterol test dated 01.05.2011.please find the below test report:

1.serum cholesterol=142 mg/dl
2.serum triglycerides=196 mg/dl
3.Serum HDL Cholesterol=24 mg/dl
4.Serum LDl Cholesterol=78.8 mg/dl
5.Total / HDL Cholesterol=5.9
6.Serum VLDL = 39.2 mg/dl

Please clarify me about he result


ANSWER: Hi Padmanabhan,

  • What I see in your lipid profile test results, your total cholesterol, LDL and VLDL levels are within their normal range.

  • You also have low HDL cholesterol level (must be higher than 50 mg/dL; yours is 24). Because of this, your total cholesterol / HDL ratio is high (must be less than 4).

  • Another point of concern for me are your high triglyceride levels (must be less than 150); which indicate that you have a diet rich in carbohydrates and fats.

  • If you start to follow a healthy diet (less carbs and fats; more fruits, vegetables, etc);

    - add more exercise (stretching or aerobic);

    - try to cope with your stress or anxiety situations;

    - avoid drinking alcohol or smoking

    - reduce coffee up to 2 cups per day

    and other lifestyle changes; within 3 months your lipid profile will be improve and, if you are obese or overweight, you will get normal weight.

  • However, I must emphasize that I do not know if you are taking any drugs or cholesterol medications or have other diseases.

    Therefore, please do not be anxious about my advices and points of concerns, because anxiety will make your things worse.

    The only aim of mine is to help you understand your situation, so, it would be easier for you to follow these early, healthy steps and changes.

    All the best!


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    Low LDL cholesterol

    by Chuni

    QUESTION: I had my cholostrol checked. HDL is 1.86 mmol/l
    LDL is 1.47mmol/l
    The interpretation value should be 2.59-4.12 for LDL.

    That means ny LDL is lower than the interpretion value.

    Is this ok for health or I need to increase LDL'If so how. What foods etc.

    ANSWER: Hi Chuni,

    There could be many causes for your low LDL cholesterol levels:

    1. If you are taking any cholesterol lowering drugs; that could be the reason for your low LDL. Try to talk to your doctor if you should change therapy.

    2. There exist some conditions like Abetalipoproteinemia (ABL) and familial hypobetalipoproteinemia (FHBL) that would cause decreased LDL and VLDL levels.

    You have to do some tests to check for these conditions, and if this is the case, you should undergo some vitamin-therapies (like vitamin A or E) or any other treatment suggested from your doctor.

    3. Check your liver function or other check-up your doctor will ask to find out the right cause of your low LDL.

    If any of the above is negative, then, you shouldn't be worried, could be perfectly normal due to, perhaps, your diet or lifestyle.

    Take care!


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