Atherosclerosis treatment – Chemically and Naturally

The atherosclerosis treatment and prevention involves the successful control high risk factors increasing the susceptibility of developing this disease.

atheroslerosi treatments

Recent clinical researches have proved that proper control and treatment of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes mellitus, decreases the risk of development of CVD, stroke can play an important role in atherosclerosis treatment.

Some studies propose that heart disease’s risk decreases within 5 years after quitting smoking.

National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) as well as American Heart Association (AHA) advises you with certain recommendations for your daily dietary habits to prevent heart diseases.

Regular physical exercise (150 min/week) raises HDL and nitric acid levels, decreases your body weight, hypertension and resistance to insulin.

Myriad medications are used to treat atherosclerosis, including:

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors(Statin)

Act as inhibitors of 3-hydroxy-3-methyl Co-A reductase, which is an enzyme that enhances the formation of cholesterol, resulting in decrease of LDL receptors due to the reduction of intracellular cholesterol.

These agents are prescribed to prevent secondary cardiovascular disease and to treat Hypercholesterolemia and dyslipidemia.

atherosclerosis drug names
Fibric acid derivatives

The fibrates mainly lower triglyceride level by 20-50% , LDL level by 10-15%, and raise HDL level by 10-15%.

Fibrate therapy decreases the platelets’ clotting ability as well as lowering fibrinogen levels.

It also increases the formation of lipoprotein lipase, which causes TG, LDL levels to decrease.

Bile acid sequestrants

These agents block the bile acids in enterohepatic circulation, thus raise cholesterol loss in fasces. This will result in decrease in LDL levels by 10-25%, but they have no effect on triglycerides or HDL levels.


Prevent the free radicals from attacking polyunsaturated fatty acids in cellular membranes.

Vitamin E as an excellent antioxidant, you may find in form of :

Vita-Plus E


Aquasol E

Nicotinic acid derivatives

Niacin which is vitamin B-3, decreasesLDL by 32% and TG level by 20-50%, and raises HDL level by 43%.

Niacin decreases lipoprotein (a) level, which is associated coronary heart diseases.

Nicotinic acid derivatives

Nutritional Agent

Inhibits growth of atherosclerotic plaques through:

1-Influencing lipoprotein metabolism

2-Functioning on rate blood flow function

3-Affect interaction between blood vessel’s wall and platelet

4-Prevent arrhythmia 5-Prevents production of smooth muscle cells.

Also, there are some natural herbal remedies for atherosclerosis treatment. They are good at lowering your high cholesterol levels preventing atherosclerosis disease onset.

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