My husbands lipid profile

by juhi rahul

QUESTION: the lipid profile says cholesterol-139.3
triglyceride 359
hdl-cholesterol 43.19
ldl cholesterol 24.31
vldl cholesterol 71.8

how to combat his high triglyceride levels? also, he ate chicken and had beer the previous night and had a cup of tea the morning when he had the test done.
what changes in the lifestyle and eating and drinking habits are required?

ANSWER: Hi Juhi,

Alba here from

There are various ways to reduce high triglycerides levels. The first one is by changing some lifestyle habits and shifting to "good" ones.

Other way is by changing some of dietary habits and choosing the right foods that lower triglycerides and keep it at normal range.

The last one is by taking some natural supplements which help reduce triglyceride levels.

If your husband fails the above natural steps, triglyceride medication is a must.

You must be strong enough and gather all your strong willing to support your husband, especially if he still drinks alcohol or beer.

At the beginning, it would be hard, and you will annoyed and feel like no changes would happen.
But, you will see, if you're persistent the changes will come and your husband and whole your family will be healthy again.

Good luck and work hard! Never surrender: you'll see, the light will come at the end of the tunnel!

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175 total cholesterol worried 335 triglycerides

by deb
(SB ca)

QUESTION: My husband is 63, good shape
He has given up his 2-3 beer a day habit, trying to lower the triglycerides, we eat mostly vegetarian,BEANS, Whole real foods salmon 1-2 times a week exercise 30 minutes a day

cholesterol was 225 NOW 175 total
triglycerides 335! HELP!
hdl 35! only?
ldl 77

he does take fish oil, red rice yeast, acv,and other vit and minerals, green fruit smoothies daily

ANSWER: Hi Debra,

I understand perfectly your worries about your husband's lipid profile. Actually, there are some reasons he might have high triglycerides:

1 - Perhaps he has family history for hypertriglyridemia (high blood triglycerides). If this is the case, then he should never give up the changes he's making.

Take note that his blood triglycerides would never be normal as for normal people, but his normal levels will be higher than normal ones.

2 - You are telling that he has stopped drinking beer. This is good. Drinking beer or any other alcohol drinks "destroys" the balance of lipids (especially of triglycerides) in blood.

This may be another probable cause for your husband's high triglycerides levels.

If he has totally stopped drinking alcohol, and go on with good changes, after some time his levels will go down. For this you need time and patience.

3 - Another explanation for high triglycerides is his preparation for the test. Perhaps he has closed one eye and eat something "unconsciously" before going to hospital and do the lipid profile test.

If this is the case, just go on with good lifestyle changes, and ask your doctor if he can repeat the test.

4 - If he's suffering also from diabetes or any insulin resistance problems, then this is any cause for his high triglycerides.

In this case, a good control of diabetes or insulin resistance, will help lowering high triglycerides apart the changes you're making.

Again, all the good lifestyle and dietary changes you're doing, I believe his lipid profile will be "quite" normal again. I mean, don't worry if his triglycerides levels are not less than 150 but are 175, this is a good figure too for his age.

In case, his triglycerides levels will not come down after some time (1 month or two), then talk to his doctor, if he should start any medication.

Hope I helped. Please do send another of your inquiry if you have any.


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