Zocor & Profibe Compatibility

QUESTION: Are Zocor and Profibe compatible?

ANSWER: Hi there,

As you probably know, the goal of those two substances is quite similar - to reduce the concentration of cholesterol in your blood.

I’m using the word “substances” because Zocor (simvastatin) is a drug and the ProFibe is dietary supplement.

You have to know that these two substances are compatible and most of the physicians are prescribing them with a proper meal plan, in purpose to bring your cholesterol down.

Besides this, there is not scientifically proved information about some kind of drug interaction, but you have to know that some clinical trials are trying to prove such thing.

However, at this point, the mentioned combination is proved to work, but you have to know few things about it.

  • First, the usage of Zocor can cause severe muscle damage, known as rhabdomiolisis, so if you experience muscle pain or joint pain, you have to stop taking Zocor immediately. Besides this, try to contact your physician as soon as possible for further information.

  • Second, taking ProFibe doesn’t mean that you are not supposed to eat, event the opposite. You have to eat, but your meals have to be composed of low-fat products, in purpose to reduce the intake of cholesterol, fat acids and triglycerides.

    While following such meal plan you have to avoid eating oily products, like pork, beef, fried products and fast foots.

    The best option for you is to concentrate on eating fruits vegetables and yogurts. Regarding meats, it would be better to start eating more fish and chicken.

    I want you to remember that the fish, contains omega-3 fat acids, which are improving the cholesterol metabolism and the result is –low cholesterol concentration.

    At last, you have to prepare a meal plan, which is composed of 4-5 small meals a day.

    Try to combine those substances, along with proper diet and test your cholesterol and triglycerides levels at least 1 time every month.

    Hope it helped!


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    Biaxin Zocor Interaction

    QUESTION: Do I have to take Biaxin while taking Zocor? Is there any interaction between these two drugs?

    ANSWER: Hi there,

    Before explaining you why you don’t have to take Biaxin and Zocor together, I will give you some information about those drugs.

  • First, Biaxin is known as Claritromicyn - an antibiotic used for the treatment of various types of infection.

    Generally, this drug inhibits a group of enzymes known as CYP3A4. Those enzymes are responsible for the metabolism of certain drugs, like statins, PPIs and many more.

    However, when they are inhibited (blocked), the mentioned drugs are accumulating in the organism, which aggravates the risk of related side effects.

  • Regarding Zocor - Simvastatin, you have to know that this is a drug, which lowers the endogenous production of cholesterol. The bad thing is that this drug is metabolized by the same CYP3A4 system.

    So, using Zocor and Biaxin is not going to be something useful, because Biaxin blocks the CYP3A4 system, which results with elevated blood Zocor’s concentration.

    When the concentration of Zocor in the blood is higher than the normal range, the risk for Rhabdomyolysis is very high.

    However, if you can’t stop taking Zocor, while taking Biaxin, you have to watch closely for symptoms like muscle pain, joint pain and others.

    These symptoms indicate the beginning of rhabdomyolysis (destruction of the muscles) and if you notice them you have to contact your healthcare provider immediately.

    The truth is that the cases with rhabdomyolysis, caused by the common usage of Biaxin and Zocor are few; however, you have to keep in mind that this may happen.

    The best thing, which you can do in purpose to avoid such terrible drug interaction, is to stop taking Zocor around 2 days before start taking Biaxin.

    During these 2 days all the Zocor molecules are going to be metabolized, which severe reduces the risk for rhabdomiolisis.

    Besides this, after the treatment with Biaxin, you can continue using Zocor as you did before the treatment.

    Hope it helped!


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