What is your opinion on my cholestrol test

by Lea
(Indianapolis, In - US)

QUESTION: I was recently admitted to the hospital because of bi-polar symptoms.
They tested my cholesterol levels right after I was admitted.

According to the lab results report:

My numbers Desired numbers
Cholesterol 251 (125-200)
Triglyceride 140 (< 150
HDL 64 (> 46)
cho/hdl ratio 3.92 (< 4.46)
LDL calc 159

I am a 56 years old female
I am 5'7"
I weigh 145 lbs
I had just eaten a large meal an hour before the test

My total cholesterol as always been high (around 250)

My risk factors are:

I smoke (less then a pack per day)

I had a minor stroke in 2005, but the neurologists could not explain why)

I have fibromyalgia which limits my ability to exercise

Can't take statin drugs because they increased the muscle pain substantially in my shoulders and hips. When I stopped taking them, that pain went away.

Positive factors:

Vascular tests in my legs and neck showed excellent blood flow.

I do take Zetia and large doses of fish oil

Since starting Zetia and fish oil my total cholesterol has gone from over 300 down to 251.

My Triglycerides have also decreased.

My questions are:

1. Should I be concerned?

2. Should I have another test done after I have fasted from 9 to 12 hours?

3. Since all of my numbers except for LDL and total cholesterol are good, why aren't those taken into consideration instead of just my total cholestrol level?


Please find the answers as following:

To me, your lipid profile is very good, except for your total cholesterol and LDL levels that are slightly higher than normal levels.

In general, your lipid profile is fine to me.

1. But, you are saying that you had a stroke in 2005 without any known cause reported from your neurologist.

Plus, you are a regular smoker, and having fibromyalgia which limits your physical activity.

Therefore, I cannot tell you not to worry about because these risk factors would reverse your medical condition for the worst.

2. Of course, you need to repeat your exam on your doctor's request. And please, do follow the pre-lab-test instructions rigorously.

In other words, fast at least 8 to 10 hours before conducting the test to avoid false-positive results.

And please, do not have a heavy dinner a night before (and in all nights in general) to avoid high cholesterol readings the following day.

3. Dear Lea, medicine is very complicated. We, doctors, do not accept that 2 + 2 equals to 4.

In other words, your doctors do have more medical facts (other than those provided from you) on your health condition, which do not allow them to judge based only on the other parameters of your lipid profile.

Hope it helped!


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