how many mgs of cholesterol is good for daily intake?

QUESTION: how many mgs of cholesterol is good for daily intake?


According to the last studies in this area, the amount of cholesterol eaten per day should not be more than 200 mg. That is pretty difficult task to do and not everyone is following it.

You have to know that the organism is having the ability to compensate the increased amount of cholesterol eaten. Therefore, you are not developing atherosclerosis just right after the moment you have eaten foods rich in cholesterol.

When you are eating more than 200 mg of cholesterol per day, your organism is using a part of it for gaining energy. All the metabolic processes of cholesterol are estimated in the liver. Other part of this cholesterol is used for the synthesis of certain molecules which are important for the organism.

As you may know, the cells of your body are multiplying every single day. This process is requiring energy provided by cholesterol and cell membranes, made of cholesterol.

On the other hand, a part of the cholesterol eaten get excreted from the organism through your gastro-intestinal system.

In addition, the amount of calories taken per day is also important in gaining weight and developing atherosclerosis. So, if you consume sugars in excessive and a lot of foods rich in cholesterol, your organism is not able to use all these calories.

As a consequence, a part of the cholesterol is stored in the fat cells. But, this cholesterol needs to be transported from the liver to the fat cells; a transport inter mediated by the bad cholesterol, which can also lead to the development of atherosclerosis.

It is important for you to know that some individuals are able to eat a lot of cholesterol and fat acids combined with a lot of sugar without gaining weight and without developing atherosclerosis.

You may wonder why? This is because of the activity of the particular person. So, if that person exercises, there is no problem to eat food rich in cholesterol.

At the end, I can say that there are many factors contributing to the increased cholesterol problems. However, a balanced diet and well-conducted life will help you be away from many problems.

All the best!


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Why is ldl cholesterol bad?

QUESTION: I have heard that LDL cholesterol is bad. I want to know why?

ANSWER: Hi there,

In purpose to understand why the LDL cholesterol is called also “bad”, you must know what this molecule is doing inside the organism.

1. First, when you are eating food, cholesterol, glucose, proteins, vitamins and other substances enter in you gastrointestinal tract.

As these molecules are not able to enter directly into the blood stream, they need to be transformed in molecules suitable for the cell. Because of this, these molecules are going to the liver, where a part of them is stored and the other part is transformed in molecules ready for usage.

2. Second, the molecules of cholesterol are fatty-soluble, which means that they cannot be transported by themselves, because they may cause embolism.

In purpose to prevent the development of embolism, the organism is binding the cholesterol with LDL molecules, which leads to the formation of LDL cholesterol.

3. Third, the abbreviation LDL stands for Low Density Lipoproteins and this molecule is transporting the cholesterol from the liver towards all the other cells in the organism.

The bad thing about these molecules is that they can easily be damaged by the blood flow, because of the low density of the molecule.

When these LDL molecules are damaged, they become gummy and they can stick to the wall of the blood vessels causing atherosclerotic development. This is the exact reason why LDL cholesterol is called bad.

You have to pay attention that this is happening, when the concentration of LDL is high, when you are eating food rich in fats. The cells are not able to use of the cholesterol transported by the LDL molecules, which is causing accumulation of the LDL cholesterol in blood. When LDL cholesterol stays in blood for a long time, it becomes vulnerable.

Hope it helped!


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i need help - my lipid profile

by mrs. NNA

QUESTION: My lipid profile is

total cholesterol 229

hdl 74

triglycerides 51

ldl is 145

blood sugar (FBS) 108

What is your advice for me on this profile



Your lipid profile seems to be ok to me, except for your LDL cholesterol, which tends to go high.

However, if you conduct a healthy lifestyle and follow a healthy diet, I am sure you won't have problems with your lipid profile and blood sugar.

Your total cholesterol seems to be a little bit high, but I think it is because of LDL. Meanwhile, your triglycerides seem to be at the lowest borderline limit.

I do not see something for you to worry about. Unless, you have any other disease or condition, or you are taking any drug that I am not aware of that can explain your lipid profile.

On the other hand, if you really are worried, talk to your doctor for further advice as mine is only general one as I lack the data in your medical records, which your doctor has.

Relax. Even though you might get bad results, your positive attitude can do miracles. All the best!


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