Milk Thistle Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Effect

Milk Thistle Cholesterol Lowering

Milk Thistle Cholesterol Lowering

QUESTION: What is the milk thistle blood sugar and cholesterol effect? Does it really work?

ANSWER: Hi there,

According to the opinion of specialist and people who are using Milk thistle, it is able to reduce the concentration of glucose and cholesterol in the blood.

The scientists have discovered that the active substance, named Silymarin is acting as normal antioxidant in the organism.

Because of the antioxidant activity, Sylimarin is reducing the concentration of the LDL cholesterol, which is stopping the development of atherosclerosis.

As you probably know the free radicals, which are circulating in the organism are able to damage the molecule of the LDL cholesterol.

When the molecule is damaged, it can easily glue to the wall of the blood vessel- which is causing atherosclerosis.

Besides, when the LDL molecule is agglutinated on the wall of the blood vessel, the LDL concentration in the blood is higher.

However, I can’t tell you how Milk thistle is reducing the blood glucose level, because the scientists haven’t discovered this yet.

The only thing which is sure is that the combination of this herb and the drugs, used for the treatment of diabetes, is really improving the condition of the patients.

Besides, this drug is even reducing the cholesterol level in patients with diabetes type 2.

However, I have to inform you that this herb is not approved for usage by FDA. Because of this, I’m not able to tell you Milk thistle is having side effects and which are they.

My advice is to use it cautiously and to check for eventual side effects, when you are using it. In other words, pay attention to any abnormal symptom you notice in your body while you are using Milk thistle.

Hope it helped!


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QUESTION: I want to know if and how can zoloft cause increased bad cholesterol levels.

ANSWER: For your information, Zoloft is the brand name for the anti-depressant called Sertraline with fewer noted side effects as compared to the older tricyclic anti-depressants. Your doctor prescription is needed to take this drug.

With regards to cholesterol effects, Zoloft was estimated to slightly increase total cholesterol levels by 3% and triglycerides by 5%. So far, no reports on effects of Zoloft on bad cholesterol are available.

However, attention is required when Zoloft is used especially in people with high risk for hypercholesterolemia.


Cholesterol increase with Zoloft
by: Anonymous

Since starting Zoloft 1 year ago my cholesterol has increased dramatically.
Prior to this my cholesterol was always very low.

I don't eat meat, eggs, cheese, butter, mayo, fast foods or high fat foods. My diet is made up of mostly fruit, veggies, fish, nuts and seeds. Could it be the Zoloft that has changed this?

COMMENT: Zoloft and cholesterol
by Anonimous

me to radical increase in past 6 months!

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