152 ldl - Do I need cholesterol lowering drugs?

by Sarmad Shaykh


My numbers are as follows:

Total = 246
LDL = 152
HDL = 81

Height = 1.8 m.
Weight = 78kg.

Do I need to take cholesterol lowering drugs?

I don't exercise.

Thanks for your help,
Sarmad Shaykh

ANSWER: Hi Sarmad,

To my opinion, at this stage, you do not need cholesterol lowering drugs. You just need to follow a low-cholesterol and low-fat diet, exercise and do some other changes in you lifestyle.

With regards to exercise, walking for at least 30 minutes every day, or some light aerobic exercise are good for your condition.

I believe this could be enough to get your slightly elevated cholesterol numbers back to normal again.

However, I should also consider:

- Your age

- Your family history of hypercholesterolemia

- You personal medical history (i.e., other drugs you are taking, other conditions or diseases you suffer, etc.)

Therefore, please do not take my advice as the final one due to the above-mentioned missed data. You should collaborate with your personal doctor as he/she knows better your health condition.

All the best!


my lipid test
by: kasun


2012. September /02

today I check my lipid test. These are results.

total cholesterol 150 mg/dl

hdl cholesterol 40.1 mg/dl

ldl cholesterol(calculated) 63.9 mg/dl

triglycerides 230 mg/dl

cho/hdl 3.74 mg/dl

I'm male. How is my health & heart deseases?

Please help me

ANSWER: Hi Kasun,

We have revised your lipid test results and have done our suggestions in the following disclosure.

We need to have further data to conclude of your heart health as mentioned in the answering section.

All the best!


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What role do triglicerides play ?

by Stephanie

QUESTION: I have relatively high total cholesterol (262), high HDL (61), and high LDL (189) but I have very low triglyceride level (59).

Does the low trig level mitigate the high LDL level at all? I am 53 year old female who is very healthy otherwise (non smoker, non drinker, active lifestyle and normal weight).

ANSWER: Hi Stephanie,

The pathways of transformation of different types of fats in our body are a bit complicated and it would take a long time to answer.

In general, there are 2 sources of fat (any): 1)produced by our liver; 2) from foods we eat. The majority of our body needs are supplied by the amount of fats produced by our liver (endogenous); therefore, the amount taken by food has little importance.

Now, triglycerides that are produced by our liver is transported in blood by the mean of VLDL (very low density lipoprotein); which can be transformed into LDL.

Meanwhile, there is only a little amount of free triglycerides (TG) that can be transported in the bloodstream (less than 150). Therefore, your TG is fine to my opinion, which might be explained by high levels of LDL.

High LDL cholesterol is the cause of your high total cholesterol level. Common causes of high LDL include excess calories intake, being overweight, having a sedentary life; etc.

As you are denying have all the above-mentioned problems and lifestyle; to my opinion the high LDL might derive due to your age. In lack of the data of your medical record, I can only guess that you are living the menopause period. All the hormonal changes during this time will also affect your lipid profile.

I do not know if you are taking any drug if you really are living menopause-time, but I can only suggest to talk to your gynecologist for more info and how to improve your lipid profile.

Continue with the healthy lifestyle you are following until now, and you will see improvement in both your lipid profile and your "menopause-state".

Your HDL levels are also very good, meanwhile once your LDL will be back to normal again, the same will happen to your total cholesterol.

All the best!


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