My triglycerides level is 794 mg/dl

by Vahe B.

QUESTION: tri. 794
cholesterol 255
hdl 30
ldl 66
i am 32 years old (male) with 185cm height and 92kg weight
i'm trying to reduce my tri. by drinking apple vinegar lemon juice and don't eat fats...
whats ur idea

ANSWER: Hi Vahe,

What I see from your lipid profile, you have problems with high triglyceride levels (normal should be less than 150 mg/dL). The rest of your lipid profile seems to be ok; apart of slightly increased total cholesterol (206, the normal levels should be less than 200).

  • The very first thing to lower your TG is to know what causes high triglycerides, especially sugary foods and those rich in saturated fats.

    So, eliminate sugar from your diet (for as long as you bring down your TG); stay away from saturated fats (processed foods or ready-made foods; canned foods, etc) and include only freshly made foods with lots of fruits and vegetables.

  • Be active. Put your body into movement; each morning when you wake up, try to do some stretching or aerobic exercises in fresh air (at least for 5-10 minutes/every day); you will see the difference.

    Movement will make your body tissues absorb and utilize the energy provided from food (as glucose or fats) and will not store glucose as fat.

    Furthermore, you will supply your body cells with oxygen they need naturally, therefore, their metabolism is enhanced leading to cleansing of our body (including of those factors that lead to high TG).

  • Do not drink alcohol or smoke or take other drugs. They will negatively influence your TG. Get some fresh air and freshly made fruit or veggie juice instead.

  • Do not drink more than 2 cups of coffee each day; coffee (especially strong one with lots of caffeine) will affect your TG negatively. If you exercise, you will not need coffee as your "wake-up"-er; have a freshly made orange juice instead.

  • Think positively. If you need other people help, especially that of your beloved, just ask them. Try to explain them your necessity of having their help and love. Your positive "substances" will increase and you will see the difference.

  • There are certain diseases and conditions and certain drugs that causes TG to raise, including hypothyroidism, obesity, diabetes, corticosteroids use, etc. Check out if you are having or taking these drugs to ensure the cause of your high TG.

    All the best! Forget that you are ill, fight the causes and will succeed for sure!


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    High tryglycerides

    by Vinuraj

    QUESTION: Triglycerides = 3654
    Total cholesterol = 368.4
    HDL = 30
    LDL = 30.4

    I am 34 years old (male) with 189 cm height and 87 kg weight.Why these abnormal values?

    ANSWER: There are many explanations for your very high triglycerides levels , including:

    I. Manageable factors:

    a. Your diet - high in carbohydrates and saturated fats.

    b. Medications you may probably taking (corticosteroids, diuretics, beta-blockers, etc.

    c. Drinking alcohol and smoking.

    d. Stress - being all the time under pressure.

    e. Conducting a sedentary life - with no exercise.

    3. Perhaps you have not followed the rules of fasting before taking the blood for lipid profile test.

    II. Uncontrollable factors:

    a. Metabolic diseases:

    1. Familial hypertriglyceridemia - perhaps you have relatives (mother, father or siblings) with high triglycerides.

    2. Liver diseases - such as liver inflammation (hepatitis A or B or C) or liver cirrhosis.

    3. Diabetes - If you also have high blood sugar levels and not controlling it very well, that will cause high triglycerides.

    4. Kidney diseases

    Check out for any of these diseases to see if you have any related problems. Now you must focus on how to lower your very high triglycerides numbers
    or with the help of medications.

    Please be in close contact with your doctor.

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