My HDL/LDL is 0.32, but still my doc prescribed me some medicine. Your opinion?

by gopal jee

QUESTION: In my latest test, I found

total cholesterol:255

As per hdl/ldl calculcation, ratios is 0.32.
But, my total cholesterol count is 255, which is 25% more than normal. Should I take medicine? Or should I consult another doc?

I am a 30yrs old, vegetarian ,non-smoker person. I don't eat much fatty food also. What should be the cause of high total cholesterol. This was my first lipid profile test.

In recent past(in last 6months), I gained 10kg of weight. Actually, I don't do any kind of exercise and this is the reason, I think, for my sudden weight gain.

What do you suggest? Should I again for the test, before taking any medicine?

Is there any more test required?



It is very good that you are running blood tests at your age although you do not have any complaints yet. When you are checking your cholesterol status, you have to know several things and one of them, is to know the normal values of the parameters. I will remind you these values, in purpose to easier to understand your lipid status.

  • First of all, the total cholesterol has to be less than 200mg/dl, but the border line is 239mg/dl and your result is 255mg/dl. As you can see, you are nearby the borderline, which indicates that there is no need to take medications.

    Generally, the medications are prescribed to those, who are having total cholesterol result higher that 290 mg/dl.

    On the other hand, the LDL concentration has to be not more than 100mg/dl and your result is 156mg/dl. The borderline in this situation is 159mg/dl, which proves that you don’t have to take medications.

    The good thing in here is that your HDL result is 50mg/dl, which means that your organism is capable to handle with the cholesterol acquired, which definitely excludes the option of taking cholesterol lowering medication.

    As you mention, the ratio of your HDL/LDL cholesterol is 0.32, which is very close to the normal ratio of 0.3.

  • There are several explanations of the elevation of your cholesterol and one of them is your irregular eating habits, including eating food, which are containing a lot of cholesterol.

    You have mentioned that you are vegetarian and not vegan, because of this fact I can assume that you are eating foods like eggs, pork sometimes, occasionally, butter and others. Correct me if I am wrong!!!

  • Other possible explanation is that, if you are under a lot of pressure lately. You have to know that stress is something, which can lead to elevation of the cholesterol level, so try to reduce it.

    Try to find a hobby is something which can really helpful to handle with stress.

  • I’m excluding the option of
    At the end, I’m going to give you some tips about how to reduce the LDL level and to increase the HDL concentration.

    1.Regarding the HDL, you have to start doing exercises. If you start running for about one hour in the evening, the HDL concentration will rise, because your organism wills start using the excessive cholesterol, which will increase the HDL.

    As you probably know, HDL is a molecule which is transporting the cholesterol from the tissues to the liver. In the liver, cholesterol is used for the production of constructive elements and energy.

    When you are running your liver requires more cholesterol, which is provided by the HLD. Because of the needs of the liver, as a compensatory mechanism the HLD level will rise.

    2.The second thing is to try losing weight. I don’t know your exact weigh, but you have mentioned that you have gained 10 kg. My advice is to try to remove them from your body, which, for sure, will come with exercises.

  • With regards to the LDL level, although being vegetarian is not enough; however, being vegan is also very dangerous. You have to reduce the intake of saturated fats, by limiting fried foods, or if you like fried foods, fry them with olive oil. In this way, you are going to reduce the amount of saturated fats. Do not use the oil when you fried foods again, because it is very cancerous.

  • In addition, start eating more fish. You have to know that fish is containing a lot of omega-3 fat acids, which are really improving your lipid metabolism, by reduced the LDL concentration.

  • Next, doing exercises will not only increase the amount of HLD in your organism, but it will reduce the LDL concentration.

    At last, my advice for you is to avoid using any drugs for now, but you have to check your lipid status every month. Doing exercises and following strict diet will improve your metabolism and these things are going to turn the mentioned parameters back to normal.

    However, do not take my conclusion as final, because I do not know your entire medical history as your doctor. Therefore, your doctor's advice is more accurate than mine to be followed. What you can do is to discuss the above-mentioned options with your doctor to come out with the best conclusion for you.

    Hope it helped! All the best!


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