Grass fed meats and bad cholesterol

QUESTION: Grass fed meats and bad cholesterol. Is it good to eat them and not having problems with bad cholesterol? What other benefits I get?

ANSWER: Hi there,

Eating healthy foods is very important not only for your lipid status, but even for the whole organism. You have to know that grass fed meat is included in the group of “healthy foods”.

Yes, it is true, that is hard to find grass fed meats today, because almost all the people looking after animals are feeding them mainly with proteins.

The good thing is that there are still several companies which are providing only grass fed meats and you have to search for such a producer.

Besides this, after buying the product, you have to read on the package about the quantity of cholesterol, proteins, glucose and others nutrients contained in the meat.

Important fact is that there are no side effects related with these meats. A good supportive prove of their nil side effects is that several years ago, the people were eating only grass fed meat.

However, the bad thing is that meat, no matter grass fed or protein fed, contain too much cholesterol.

Pay attention that meats like pork and beef are rich in cholesterol, which means that you are supposed to avoid consuming them, if you have problems with your lipid status.

If you want to make a diet, you have to know that the daily amount of cholesterol consumed per day has to be not more than 300 mg.

With regards to this rule, you can calculate by yourself how many grass fed meat you have to eat per day in purpose to maintain your lipid status in normal ranges.

According to my opinion, you have to minimize the amount of grass fed pork and red beef meat. If you want to reduce the bad cholesterol in your organism, you can concentrate on eating fish, because fish contains a lot of omega-3-fat acids.

The good thing about omega-3 fat acids is that they are improving your lipid status, by reducing the concentration of LDL “bad” cholesterol in your blood.

Hope it helped!


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Is the cholesterol in whey protein bad?

QUESTION: I have heard that whey protein is high in bad cholesterol. Does anyone know more on this?


First of all, you have to know that the “good” and the “bad” cholesterol are produced in the organism because of the energetic needs. You are not eating any good or bad cholesterol.

When you eat lots of fats and small amount of proteins or proteins that are not suitable for the organism, your body is producing more “bad” cholesterol than the usual.

When you normally have three times a day such meals composed of limited amount of fats and all the other needed proteins and vitamins, then, your organism is producing more good” cholesterol.

Keep in mind that both the “good” and bad” cholesterol are produced at the same time in the organism; meanwhile the related ratio (i.e. if your organism is producing more "bad" or more "good" cholesterol) is the most important.

Normally, whey proteins are reducing the amount of cholesterol in your organism, but everything depends on the way you are preparing them.

For example, if you use hot water, all the proteins are getting destroyed because of the heat. Then, you are drinking nothing else but amino acids, which can be very harmful for you, because some of them might lead to the development of cancers.

In that way, you are not providing enough amounts of proteins to your organism and this lead to the elevation of the “bad” cholesterol level.

However, everything depends on the brand of the whey protein, because as I know some of the producers are putting some extra vitamins in the powder, which is good for you.

At the end, you must be careful when you are making the mixture of whey proteins.

All the best!


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