How bad is it to eat liver and peanut butter when LDL is high?

QUESTION: I just found out two days ago that my LDL is high. I try to eat a 8 oz. bowl of oatmeal everyday.

ANSWER: Hi there,

It is very good that you are taking 8 oz. bowl of oatmeal to reduce your bad blood cholesterol level. However, there are several other ways for you to reduce the concentration of cholesterol in your organism and especially to minimize the LDL concentration.

  • First of all, try to prepare a prefect diet with limited amount of saturated fat acids. As you probably know, LDL and HDL cholesterol are formed in the organism in response to the food eaten.

    When you are eating foods rich in saturated fats, the synthesis of LDL is going to be elevated, and this will lead to high LDL blood concentration.

    However, if you are eating foods rich in non-saturated fat acids, the production of HDL (good) cholesterol is going to be elevated.

    With regards to eating liver, I would say that is this is not a good practice for your, because liver contains a lot of saturated fat acids leading to LDL elevation. Therefore, you will need to exclude liver from your diet in order to improve your lipid metabolism.

  • Meanwhile, the picture does not stay the same when you eat peanut butter. Peanuts contain a lot non-saturated fats, which are increasing the production of good cholesterol.

    When it comes to peanut butter, its oils contain both saturated and un-saturated fats. However, the amount of un-saturated fats (mono and poly) is much higher than the saturated ones.

    Therefore, peanut butter, when taken in its normal dose (i.e. 2tbsp. serving), will not affect the LDL cholesterol; but will give a boost to HDL levels.

  • I want you to remind about other foods, which you can add to your diet, including pumpkin seeds, fresh tuna, oysters, beans and all fruits and vegetables.

  • Olive oil is the oil of choice when it comes to food preparation, because it is rich in non-saturated fats.

  • Besides taking oatmeal, you can start taking Artichoke leaf extract. In a German study, it is shown that the daily consumption of 1.800 mg of this extract is reducing the endogenous synthesis of cholesterol, and mainly the synthesis of LDL.

  • Other good remedy for the LDL reduction is drinking green tea once or two times a day. For your information, green tea is having the same stimulant effect as coffee has, so be careful when you are using it.

    Therefore, it is a good practice to avoid drinking green tea after 20 o’clock as you will not be able to sleep.

  • The best lowering LDL cholesterol remedy is to do exercise in the evening. If you try to walk for about 1 hour or to run for 30 minutes, you will absolutely improve your lipid metabolism.

    As you probably know all types of fats, including cholesterol, fatty acids and triglycerides contain a lot of energy. When you exercise, the organism is using high amount of energy, which at some point, lead to the usage of the energy hidden in the molecules of the fats.

    As a consequence, you are going to improve not only your physical condition, but even your lipid status.

    Hope it helped.


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