LDL cholesterol foods

QUESTION: I've some specific things to ask about LDL cholesterol foods. I've gathered lots of info, and got confused. I've read that catfish is high in cholesterol, why is it so since it is a fish and I know fish are good.

Another thing: is it high in HDL or LDL cholesterol? What about cashews and peanuts, are they good for lowering LDL cholesterol?


ANSWER: Hi there,

Let's answer your questions one by one:

1- About catfish and cholesterol
In a study (http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/110494206/abstract) has been shown that HDL (good cholesterol) is in higher amounts in catfish comparing to LDL and VLDL.

Other components of catfish are omega-3-fatty acids and omega-6-fatty acids. They both are polyunsaturated fats, helping in lowering blood cholesterol.

But, omega-6-fatty acids help in clotting, act as inflammatory, and are vulnerable to oxidation. This raises the risk for blood clotting, inflammatory bowel disease, cancers and arthritis.

These facts have raised the debate in using this cheapest type of fish (catfish).

However, scientists encourage consumption of fish for their nutritional values at least twice a week.

2 - About cashews and cholesterol
They are considered heart-protective because are high in monounsaturated fats.

They are also high in copper, which has anti-oxidative properties, help in bones, energy metabolism and in blood vessels.

What is more you'll have less risk of gaining weight. This is great to be heart-healthy.

3 - About peanuts and cholesterol
According to a study of Dr. Penny Kris-Etherton, Pennsylvania State University, and colleagues, diet high in peanut, also using peanut butter are as good as olive oil diets in protecting from heart disease; and are more effective comparing to very low fat diets.

Peanut, peanut butter and oil are rich in monounsaturated fats.

What is more, they are also high in minerals, fiber, phytochemicals, plant protein, folic acid and vitamin E, which add more heart-protective effects.

Hope your worries get answered.


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High LDL Cholesterol Diet

QUESTION: I know that this will sound strange. Everything here is about the lowering LDL cholesterol diet. What I want is some info about high LDL cholesterol diet.

I've checked my lipid profile recently and everything seems ok. Actually I'm on a vegetarian diet, eat lots of fruits too. I've learned that everybody needs to eat cholesterol in certain amount during day. I'm concerned about not having enough cholesterol with my diet. Is this a problem?

If I want to eat, let's say, some foods that are high in cholesterol, can I eat them just like that or I've to choose? All my worries are to not have both high and low cholesterol problems. Can you clear me up?



What I see, your main worries are all about the amount of cholesterol that you need each day.

Well, cholesterol is very important to build up your body cells. There are two main sources of cholesterol:

1 - your body (liver produces 80% of your daily cholesterol)
2 - foods you eat (20%).

To have balanced cholesterol levels throughout the day, you must take 200 mg cholesterol from your diet (according to National Cholesterol Education Program - NCEP).

Other "diet-sources" of cholesterol are:

- saturated fats (not exceed more than 7% of calories intake)
- trans-fatty acids (very small amounts)
- mono-unsaturated fats (20%) and poly-unsaturated fats (10%).

With the help of a dietitian you may calculate your daily calories, and the amounts of cholesterol and other fats intake together with sugar.

Since you're a vegetarian, you're mostly taking mono and poly-unsaturated fats(because vegetables are rich in mono and poly unsaturated fats). And this is good.

You must add cold-water fish and you have all the nutritional elements you need for your day, staying always safe-healthy.

Take care!


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