High cholesterol foods not to eat

by WIlliam
((United States))

QUESTION: Hi, I am learning about cholesterol as my doctor said mine is a bit high and I want to lower it.

I was just wondering, does cholesterol go down on its own if I stay away from red meat, eggs and nuts and fats? How long does it take to go down?
Does high cholesterol result in plaque?

Thank you!

ANSWER: If you limit the intake of: red meat, eggs (avoid yolk part, you can eat the white part; or can eat the whole egg twice a week); foods high in fat (especially trans-fats and saturated ones), that will help in lowering cholesterol.

But, you need to exercise, avoid alcohol and tobacco, and make some other lifestyle changes altogether with right foods for high cholesterol, will help you.

As long as I know, nuts are a good snack option. Besides, macadamia nuts may help increase HDL levels and walnuts in lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

Changes are slow, and within the first month (if you really follow the above strategies) you may see the results. But: Never give up! Keep up on optimizing your cholesterol levels!

One of the serious high cholesterol problems is plaque forming ( atheroscerosis ). However, if you follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, you won't have plaque problems.

Good luck!


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Is the cholesterol in oysters bad?

QUESTION: My friend told me that oysters are high in cholesterol? Is it bad or good cholesterol?


According to the last studies, oysters are classified as very healthful food. The explanation of this is kept in the amount of minerals, vitamins and the low amount of cholesterol and fatty acids in their meat.

When you have low amount of fats and cholesterol in some food, this food is good for you, because it does not stimulate the production of “bad” cholesterol.

However, you have to know that you might eat high amounts of fats or/and cholesterol when you have oyster meals. This is especially true when you bake the oysters with extra oil for example.

Therefore, the best way to cook oysters is to boil them in salt water; but be careful of extra salt too.

The other good fact in meals made with oysters is the great amount of vitamins in them, especially vitamins of group B, C and E, which are considered as antioxidants.

That means that they are cleaning up your organism from bad ions and molecules, which can damage you. In purpose to preserve the amount of vitamins in oyster you have to cook them in a specific way.

Below you will find a special recipe to prepare a healthy oyster meal, which is low in cholesterol and with all the vitamins.

  • First, you must clean the oysters and to make some lemon juice from freshly squeezed lemons.

  • Then, you can boil them for one hour on light fire in purpose to kill all of the eventual bacteria.

  • While the oysters are boiling, you can prepare some sauce, for example tomato sauce, made of tomato juice, boiled at slight fire for 30 minutes a little bit of vegetable oil and some onion if you like.

    You may add some other ingredients to adjust the flavor you like.

    Buon appetite! Enjoy your healthy oysters!


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