179 mg/dL LDL Number

QUESTION: I just got results from the Doc.. 268 with a LDL of 179 not good.

The thing is I do not eat bad stuff? Every food you look at has fat,trans fat,cholesterol and so on. Am I stuck eating Carrots ? Any suggestions.

ANSWER: Hi there,

Although the results you got from your doctor seem to be bad, I do not want to discourage you. Foods are not the only culprit for high cholesterol or any other lipid disorders.

It is true that foods, especially those high in bad fats and high in calories can negatively impact your lipid metabolism.

Therefore, the recommendations emphasize the importance of staying away from them or at least, minimize their consumption.

On the other hand, your genes are also a strong factor determining whether you would suffer from any of these lipid disorders or not.

So, if any of your parents or close relatives does have such high cholesterol problems; you have also high chances to suffer from them too.

  • Next, although you might be eating correctly; you might be not acting "correctly". What does this mean?

    I mean, although your menu is perfect; your daily lifestyle has much to be improved. In other words, you might be smoking, drinking alcohol, conducting a sedentary life, etc.

    All these "bad habits" can negatively interfere with the cholesterol metabolism in your body, resulting in high cholesterol (hdl, ldl, triglycerides) numbers.

  • Furthermore, what you have consumed at the dinner before the morning test, would also interfere with the results.

  • At the end, there are some drugs that can cause high cholesterol problems. Therefore, you should consult with your doctor if you are taking any drug that has such effect.

    Hope it helped!


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    Figuring my total cholesterol when hdl is 50 and ldl is 124

    ANSWER: Hi,

    For your information, there is a formula of calculating total cholesterol according its fractions (i.e, hdl, ldl) and triglycerides, as following:

    Total cholesterol = LDL levels + (Triglycerides levels / 5 + hdl levels)

    As you may see from this formula, we should also know your triglycerides levels in order to accurately calculate your total cholesterol.

    In lack of that data, I can not give you an exact number for your total cholesterol levels.

    If you will be so kind to provide us that data, we can calculate your total cholesterol and provide you the most accurate advice.

    However, based on your hdl and ldl levels, I can say that, separately, they seem perfectly normal to me, within their normal limits.

    Furthermore, I want to encourage you to keep them at these levels in order to live a healthy life.

    All the best!


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    My LDL/HDL ratio was rated low

    by Sarah
    (Tampa, FL)

    QUESTION: I just got a report from my life ins screening back. They state that my LDL/HDL ratio is 1.23 and rated that outside the norm of 1.45-5.75

    Seems like it would be desirable to have a lower number if anything, since that would correspond to a value of HDL/LDL of 0.81, which is higher than the 0.4 everybody wants to be at...

    I can't find anything online regarding this "problem". Is this anything I should be concerned about???


    ANSWER: Hi Sarah,

    If you want to be sure, I could advise to talk with your physician for further explanation for your particular problem.

    However, in general, I could say:

    - Doctors do not only rely on the ratio. They would see the general health condition of the patient, your clinical data.

    - Next, I would like to have your full lipid profile results to get a better idea.

    - Furthermore, a doctor would assess your own (particular) risk for high or low blood cholesterol or other lipids levels.

    - What is more, there are certain diseases, which involve the low levels of lipoproteins (those substances that transport lipids in the bloodstream) that should be verified in your case.

    - If you have been used lowering cholesterol drugs, their effect would be extremely low cholesterol or other lipids levels. Therefore, your doctor would revised the drugs you are taking and related dose.

    This is all I can help you generally. Do not worry. Just clarify with your physician what exactly is happening to you.

    Hope it helped!


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