Fermented soy beans in light and dark rice vinegar

by Melanie Pores
(Albany, NY USA)

QUESTION: My husband heard from someone that you can take edamame, roast it, and ferment it in white and dark vinegar for 3 or 4 weeks to lower cholesterol.

Have you ever heard of this and what is the substance referred to after it has fermented-does it have a name that you are aware of?


ANSWER: Hi Melanie,

As long as I know, Edamane is the green vegetable Soybean. They are sweet (if you pick them this stage, they are rich in sugar); also they are rich in proteins (the same amount as the tofu has= 30%); and also rich in fiber and calcium.

They can be cooked as stir-fry; or you can blend them into dips.

However, I know another type of fermented soybeans called "Tempeh", that is mostly used by Indonesians (the hometown) and distinguished for its taste like mushroom or nutty like.

Another preparation for soy is Miso when soybean is mixed with wheat, rice or barley and fermented using Aspergillus oryzae.

The way they are cooked and made I find it difficult, perhaps you may find it easy. However, try to put Tofu (you may find it in any store) or soymilk or just soynuts as snacks into your husband diet and follow the other strategies of diet to lower cholesterol and you'll see the results.

Moreover, add more exercise and avoid smoking or alcohol or any other bad lifestyle habits, and you'll see the cholesterol levels will come down to nearly normal levels (don't pretend normal levels; if they are near normal it's ok).

Good luck and lots of good willing and strength!


Fermented soy beans
by: Anonymous

Hi Melanie,

I came to this sight when I check about cholesterol.

I was in Japan for 10 years.
They have a dish call Natto. And they believe
Natto can help to reduce cholesterol level.

May be your husband is talking about this dish.
Please check this

All the best

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What foods break down bad cholesterol?

QUESTION: What foods break down bad cholesterol?

ANSWER: Hi there,

You have to know that there are only two things, which you can do in purpose to lower your bad cholesterol.

  • The first thing is to start following a healthy bad-cholesterol-lowering-diet and the other thing is to start doing exercises.

    At first look, it seems quite easy, but you have to know that you must overcome certain difficulties, especially when we are talking about diet.

    Anyways, regarding the diet you have to know few things. The first is to avoid the consumption of fatty meats, like pork, beef and others.

    These types of meat contain lots of cholesterol, which is transformed in the organism at bad cholesterol. The consumption of those meats leads to bad cholesterol elevation.

    However, it is bad for your organism to avoid eating meat at all, so try to concentration of the fish. The fish contains lots of Omega-3-fat acids, which are improving the condition of your organism, by reducing the LDL concentration and elevating the HDL amount.

    Other thing, which is important for your diet is to start eating more vegetables and fruits. These two things are very poor in cholesterol, so they are useful remedy for cholesterol reduction purpose.

    Besides, it would be even better for you to start eating onion, because onion will inhibit the LDL production.

    The other thing, which is used with cholesterol lowering purpose, is exercises. You have to know that running for half an hour in the morning or in the evening will improve the condition of your cardio-vascular system, along with the LDL reduction.

    You have to know that the drugs are the last resort of choice, which means that you have to start with diet and exercises firs and if there is no success, then to start with the drugs.

    All the best!


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