Crestor vs Lipitor "Battle" - Side Effects, Adverse Reactions, Drugs Interactions

In fact, this is a battle between two top notch Statin drugs, used to reduce the cholesterol levels. They might have a similar mechanism of action but there are some differences, which must be pointed out.

Crestor is the trade name for Rosuvastatin and Lipitor is the trade name for Atorvastatin. Both drugs are very popular and many patients are treated with them.

Comparison - positive and negative sides

Crestor vs Lipitor - Which drug is the best choice for you?

They are both very good at lowering cholesterol and only your doctor must tell you, which drug is the best choice for you.

The best drug is the drug, which really helps you with minimum side effects.

You must not think that the more expensive drug is the best one. In some patients, one drug could not be effective. However, when the patient takes the other drugs, the result could be astonishing.

That’s why there are different drugs from one drug group. Each patient has a different metabolism and that’s why he/she will respond differently to the treatment with one of the drugs and their side effects.

The question, which drug to choose from Crestor vs Lipitor is present even today. However, only your doctor could point, which is the right drug for you based on your medical record.

Crestor Side Effects - Rosuvastatin Adverse Reactions List

Before going to Crestor side effects, let's see what is Crestor (Rosuvastatin) all about?

Crestor says: Have your cholesterol reduced!

Crestor is one of the latest drugs, used to treat elevated levels of cholesterol. This drug is part of the Statins drugs group. They hinder the action of a very important enzyme in the metabolism of cholesterol.

Consequently, the quantity of the cholesterol produced by the liver is lowered. That's why Statins are useful for all patients, which have elevated levels of cholesterol.

There are many common and severe side effects of Crestor, which have been noticed during numerous clinical trials. It is important to note that not every patient, taking this drug would experience any of the side effects. Only small percentage of the patients taking Crestor have reported these side effects.

Crestor Side Effects and Adverse Reactions

Some of the most common side effects, which are specific for this drug, include:

    1. Headache

    2. Abdominal pain

    3. Nausea

    4. Muscle pain

    5. General weakness

There are some other reported to be very serious. If you experience some of these problems, you must contact your doctor immediately because some of these complications could be lethal (causing death).

For your info, a drug adverse reaction is related to the harm this drug cause to your body when you take it with the dosage (normal) prescribed by your doctor.

With regards to Crestor, they are:

    1. Rhabdomyolysis - this is a medical term, used to describe the destruction of muscle cells. You can feel terrible pain in the affected muscle. The skin may look reddish over the affected tissues. Also, you will weakness in your muscle.

    2. Renal failure - is a result of the destruction of the muscle cells. The muscle cells are built up from huge proteins. These proteins enter the blood stream, once the muscle cells are destroyed.

    However, the kidney is not capable to handle these proteins because they are too big. That’s why these proteins stop in the kidney and block the blood flow. Some of the structures in the kidney are left without blood and that’s why they are destroyed.

    Some of the symptoms, specific for renal failure are:

    1. Change in the urine color- dark, coca-cola like

    2. You could go to the bathroom more often than usual

Crestor interactions with other drugs

Aside from crestor side effects, interactions between crestor and other drugs must be discussed. You must inform your doctor, if you are taking any other drugs.

Drugs, which interact with Crestor are:

1. Antacids

2. Warfarin- which is anticoagulant

3. Itraconazole, ketoconazole- they are antifungal agents

4. Pills used for birth control

5. Fenofibrates

6. Macrolide antibiotics

7. Niacin

8. Cyclosporine

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