Stay Healthy: Boost HDL Level

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Not all of us may have been properly informed about HDL and LDL. HDL which is also known as high density lipoprotein is a type of good cholesterol and LDL is the contrary, the bad one.

Now you know that cholesterol isn’t entirely bad for the body especially HDL. We need HDL to sustain the normal physiologic processes.

Since HDLs are on the good side, it is important that these should be increased. HDLs are especially needed to help cleanse the arteries of the unwanted cholesterol.

Don’t be troubled though because there are a number of ways in which you can lower your cholesterol naturally.

Lowering LDL level isn’t entirely a mystery. If you badly want to do so then you must at least indulge to regular exercise.

Not everyone is actually paying attention to this but exercise does a lot of wonder in helping reduce bad cholesterol level.

The American Heart Association has recommended you to engage in a 20-minute exercise 3 times within a week.

Studies have found that this would yield dramatic results in reducing bad cholesterol levels. Are you desperate in shedding off the excess fats? Get moving! This doesn’t only reduce LDL but increase the HDL as well.

Diet is also a very core in reducing bad cholesterol in our body and increasing the good ones.

Thus, if you want to make sure that LDL level is minimal, watch out what you eat! Don’t be too reckless into guzzling just about what your gastronomic desire tells you.

Proper diet alongside regular exercise is the very key towards lowering LDLs and increasing HDLs.

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My Lipid Test Results

by Kasun


2012 September /02

today i chick my lipid test.these are result.

total cholesterol 150 mg/dl

hdl cholesterol 40.1 mg/dl

ldl cholesterol(calculated) 63.9 mg/dl

triglycerides 230 mg/dl

cho/hdl 3.74 mg/dl

I'm male. How is my health & heart desease. Please help me.

ANSWER: Hi Kasun,

The problem I see in your lipid test results is related to high triglycerides (TG). The normal triglyceride levels are less than 150 mg/dL. As you may see, your TG levels are higher (230).

I could give some suggestions regarding the causes of high TG. Once you know the causes, you would also think about solutions together with your doctor:

- The first one could be that you did not fast when taking the results. Or, perhaps you had a very rich dinner the night before taking the lipid test.

- Next, you did not mention about your weight. Generally, obese or overweight people have high triglycerides.

- In addition, I would like to know if you suffer from any disease like diabetes, hyothyroidism or any kidney disease?

Usually, these types of diseases (especially when not well-controlled) are associated with high TG levels.

Therefore, if you have any of these diseases, talk to your physician to see what actions you need to take to improve your lipid profile.

Otherwise, if you think you do not suffer from such diseases, please consult your doctor to perform other tests for confirmation.

- Furthermore, do you take any drug like lowering blood pressure drugs (diuretics, beta-blockers) or tamoxifen or corticosteroids?

The problems with high TG often come with the use of these drugs. Therefore, if you are using any of them, talk to your doctor to change therapy.

- Another cause is the familial hypertriglyceridemia. Very rarely, these diseases runs in families, therefore, you should consult your doctor for further actions.

Hope it helped!


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