How bad are pancakes with honey for cholesterol ldl?

QUESTION: Are pancakes with honey that bad for cholesterol ldl?


Actually, there are three important aspects I want to further discuss in here.

1. First of all, you are not supposed to consume LDL. In fact, it is your organism that is producing it when you use to eat a lot of fat acids and triglycerides rich foods.

Therefore, once you reduce the amount of fats that you are eat, you won't have high LDL cholesterol problems.

2. Honey in general, is a very healthy food, because it has antibacterial activity and, in addition, it has the ability to reduce the level of your cholesterol.

3. The third important part in here is the consumption of pancakes. They are pretty oily food, and furthermore, they are pan-fried, which increases the chances to consume high amounts of bad fatty acids and triglycerides.

Therefore, if you really like pancakes, try to adjust the recipe according to as healthy as possibles.

For example, I know one recipe (it is not my own, others have told me), which they say is low in calories, oil and won't give you problems with high LDL cholesterol.

First, you put in a small bowl one cup of flour, three table spoons of sugar (preferably brown or cane sugar), and half table spoon of soda and baking powder.

Mix these ingredients and add one cup of buttermilk, quarter cup of canola oil and one teaspoon of vanilla extract. Stir this mixture until it gets homogenous.

Get another bowl and put in there, three eggs whites and batter them until the formation of soft peaks. Then combine the mixtures from the two bowl and you have a good looking mixture for pancakes.

At the end, put this mixture on the frying pan (without adding oil or butter) and you are about to eat your low-cholesterol pancakes.

You don’t have to worry to eat these pancakes with honey, because the amount of fat acids in them is too low and you are not going to cause elevation in the cholesterol level by eating this.

This is what I was told, however, I have adjusted the sugar part with honey, and canola oil and buttermilk with olive oil. Some of my friends did not like it because of smelly olive oil; but, I really enjoy it.


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Calories in hard boiled egg+good or bad cholesterol?

QUESTION: Could you provide the calories in hard boiled egg+good or bad cholesterol content?


You have to know that the hard boiled eggs do containing less cholesterol and fewer calories than otherwise prepared eggs.

With regards to calories, hard-boiled eggs do contain 76 calories in comparison to 92 in fried eggs. Of these 76 calories, 59 are related to the egg’s yolk. The other 17 calories are contained in the white of the egg.

With regards to the cholesterol content in hard-boiled eggs, if the egg is large, it contains around 215 mg of cholesterol, and 185 mg if the egg is medium.

Keep in mind that all the cholesterol and all the calories are kept in the egg’s yolk. As this part of the egg is pretty dangerous, because the excessive amount of yolk is leading to the production of increased amount of “bad” cholesterol; it is advisable to consume the whites of the eggs.

Please be careful with the number of the eggs that you consume everyday. It is better to limit to 1 egg per day if you do not have any problem with high cholesterol; and 1 whole egg once 3 days if you are experiencing any of these problems.

All the best!


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