4.7 cholesterol scale!

QUESTION: Is 4.7 on the cholesterol scale good or bad?

ANSWER: Hi there,

A blood LDL cholesterol concentration of 4.7 mmol/l is considered high, because the normal LDL cholesterol level has to be below 2 mmol/l.

However, the good thing is that you are not supposed to start using drugs with cholesterol reduction purpose. There are few other things which you can do for this purpose.

First, you should start doing exercises. You have to know that running for about half an hour in the evening is improving your lipid status and your general condition at the same time.

While running or doing other exercises, you are using the excessive amount of cholesterol in your organism for energy. This is reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood, no matter the cholesterol intake.

Besides, doing exercise will help you to lose weight. You have to know that sometimes the high cholesterol concentration is associated with overweight.

Furthermore, when you are doing exercises, you are reducing the risk of cardio-vascular disease like myocardial infarction, which is the major complication of having high cholesterol concentration.

The second thing, which you can to in purpose to reduce your cholesterol level, is to prepare your own lowering-cholesterol diet.

Keep in mind that you should not take more than 300 mg of cholesterol per day. Therefore, it would be good if you calculate the cholesterol concentration of every meal or at least, you can suppose an approximate figure.

However, slight variations like 320 mg of cholesterol are allowed.

  • Please take into account that foods containing saturated fatty acids would damage your lipid metabolism (as you already have high LDL cholesterol).

    Therefore, you should avoid or minimize the consumption of butter, cheese eggs and other meals.

  • Important thing for your life style and for your lipid status is to try to find a way to reduce the stress. Chronic stress is having bad effect on your organism, including elevation of the blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose concentration.

  • Other important thing is to run a blood cholesterol test every month. These will provide you information how you are handling with the cholesterol elevation and you will know what to do in purpose to reduce is even more.

    My advice is to keep the result of every cholesterol test, so you can make a difference before and after the start of fight against the cholesterol.

    These tips will help you to return your cholesterol level in normal ranges.

    But remember that if you won’t follow them strictly you will have to start taking drugs in cholesterol reduction purpose.

    Hope it helped!


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