225 cholesterol bad - IS THAT BAD? Is 200 239 borderline?

QUESTION: 225 cholesterol bad - IS THAT BAD? WHAT TO DO TO REDUCE IT? 200 239 is it borderline?

ANSWER: Hi there,

Blood cholesterol level of 225 mg/dl is a little bit high, because the normal blood cholesterol concentration has to be less than 200 mg/dl.

However, you have to know that some laboratories are having different values, because of differences in the reagents and in the apparatuses.

Important in your case is the HDL concentration, because some people are having high LDL and high HDL concentration at the same time.

You have to know that having high HDL concentration is something very good, because the HDL is protecting you from atherosclerosis.

Because of this fact, when you have high LDL level, you don’t have to worry, because the high HDL concentration is protecting you.

However, pay attention that the borderline is 239 mg/dl and you haven’t reached it. Because of this fact, you are not obligated to use drugs in cholesterol lowering purpose. There are several things which you have to do and your LDL concentration will fall.

1. First thing is to start fallowing diet, which is containing food with reduced cholesterol content. For example you have to stop eating pork, beef and other meats which are rich in fats.

In addition you can start eating fish. Pay attention to the fact that fish is containing omega-3-fat acids, which are reducing the LDL concentration.

It is good to know that nuts are reducing the LDL concentration. Because of this, you can eat some nuts between the main meals.

Besides, if your work is connected with a lot of thinking, it is going to be even better, because nuts are improving the metabolic process in brain.

2. Second thing is to start doing exercises. You have to find some time to run at least 3-4 times a week.

When you are running, you are using the fats and the glucose in your organism for energy. Moreover, you will make you feel much better and lose weight. Being overweight, is the one of the most common reasons for high LDL cholesterol concentration.

  • You haven’t mentioned anything about smoking. However, my advice for you is to avoid smoking, because the smoke is causing oxidation of the LDL molecules, which is making them gummier.

    When the LDL molecules are gummier, they can easily glue to the wall of the blood vessel- start of the atherosclerosis development.

  • Something curious about the LDL concentration is that the alcohol, in limited amounts is able to reduce it together with elevation in HDL cholesterol concentration. However, frequent consumption of alcohol, even in small amounts, will cause more damages than the benefits obtained.

    Therefore, to my opinion, it is not a good idea to use improve lipid metabolism to prevent future damages.

    It would be great to use these tips, because they are going to help you beating cholesterol. You can achieve everything, when you are working hard.

    Hope it helped!


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